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Bus shelter production, putting quality first


Bus shelters serve as convenience service facilities for people to travel by bus. With the development of the city, people have higher demand for bus shelters. How to make the bus shelters better serve the people is a problem that the bus shelter manufacturers need to explore and solve. At its core, ensuring the product quality of the bus shelter is the core tenet of every bus shelter manufacturer, and quality is always in the first place. So what is the production process of a quality bus shelter?


1. According to the requirements of the target customers, the designer carries out professional design, and draws the renderings and graphic design drawings to discuss with the customers. After the discussion, it will be handed over to the production workshop engineers and technicians for production and processing.

2, the surface treatment of the shelter can be mainly divided into electrostatic spray, fluorocarbon baking paint, etc., Jiangsu Rongda has its own electrostatic spray line.

3. The canvas installation and advertising light box installation of the bus shelter, the tempered glass on the advertising surface, the black side of the printing screen, the black ink printed on the black side is a high temperature ink, must be printed before tempering, and solidified on the glass surface when the glass is tempered.

4. In the processing of sheet metal processing, the bus shelter should be processed by turret type automatic CNC punching machine or laser cutting machine, and the CNC bending machine is folded to ensure the processing precision and interchangeability of the parts.

5, the ceiling is divided into: laminated glass, endurance board, ordinary sun board, honeycomb sun board, aluminum-plastic board, galvanized board and so on.

6. After the processing is completed, quality inspection is required. The quality of the shelters can only be shipped and installed.

The bus shelter production is a city's infrastructure, and it is a long-term use of facilities, then, our manufacturers should put the quality in the first place, according to the customer's actual situation to choose the right materials.

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