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Bus shelter spacing setting


The driving route of the bus is fixed, and the number of buses is basically fixed, unless there is an extra bus when there is a large number of people on holidays. Is there a clear regulation on the distance between the shelters? If the distance between bus shelters is small, it is convenient for citizens to commute to work and reduce the distance of getting off; on the contrary, the distance between bus shelters is large, which increases the distance of citizens walking, but reduces the frequency of bus stops , So that the bus travel time is reduced, so there are pros and cons. So how to set the distance between bus shelters?

1. According to the dense housing situation

The urban area is the place with the densest residential distribution, and the population flow is relatively large, so the distance between the bus shelters in the urban area should be appropriately reduced. It can be adjusted appropriately according to the different terrains in different places. The distance between urban bus shelters should not exceed 1000 meters at most. If the distance between bus shelters is too large or too small, it will affect passengers' riding experience. The same station can be divided into two shelters, under normal circumstances the distance between the maximum will not exceed 100 meters.


2. According to the distribution of scenic spots

The scenic spots in the suburbs are generally sparsely populated and have a small flow of people. Therefore, the distance between bus shelters will be appropriately increased. There is no specific statistics, and the scenic spots in various regions cannot be generalized. The distance between bus shelters can be as long as 3-4 kilometers, or even longer, according to the actual situation.

3. According to the station distribution

Generally, city railway stations and bus stations are built in relatively remote locations, and some cities will build the two stations together. The distance between the shelters will become larger. In some cities, a bus is set up directly to the train station. The distance between the bus shelters can reach 5-8 kilometers. Taking a bus will have a feeling of taking a short bus. .

The spacing between bus shelters cannot be expressed with accurate numbers. Generally, the principle is that the distance between bus shelters with large passenger flow is small and the spacing between bus shelters with small traffic is large. Nowadays, smart bus shelters have gradually been widely used in many cities. GPS bus positioning systems are generally installed in smart bus shelters, which can accurately locate the location of the bus and broadcast the distance in real time, which brings greater convenience to people.

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