bus shelters are lying dormant in steel yards as top end residents swelter

by:YEROO     2019-10-07
Standing on the side of the road in the heat of Darwin is no one willing to endure.
But while high-end weather is known for dangerous storms, depressing humidity levels, and an average maximum temperature of more than 32 degrees --
Overall, many of its bus stops do not offer any protection.
So when a 74 imageyear-
An old man sitting at a bus stop in Palmerston, 20 kilometres from Darwin, who had no shelter, was posted on social media, and people were angry.
But it turns out that the solution to this problem is lurking in Darwin\'s steel plant.
Grant Ryan, general manager of A & B welding, told ABC that he has four brands
He had a new bus shelter in his yard, which was built two years ago for the government.
\"I believe we are not the only factory in Darwin that has them sitting there waiting to be installed,\" he said . \".
In 2016, the newly elected Gunner Government announced a $5 million stimulus package for the local steel industry, including the construction of 29 bus shelters.
But two years later, Ryan is still waiting for the Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Department (DIPL)
To collect shelters.
People in the department come to pick them up occasionally, he said, but he doesn\'t know when he will finally get rid of them.
\"Part of the bidding process is to store for 20 weeks,\" he said . \".
\"Not long ago, we did get a call . . . . . . Come out and check them out and see how many of us . . . . . . Some people in the department have changed . . . . . . \" It would be nice to get them out of my yard.
We always have things in and out, so yes, they take up a bit of space.
\"Spokesman for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Department (DIPL)
It was confirmed that, as part of the 2016 stimulus plan, 43 bus shelters were built in total and the second stimulus was announced on 2017.
Of the 43 bus shelters, 14 have not yet been installed
Four of them belong to Mr. Ryan.
Ryan said he could have easily installed the shelters himself, but it was not part of the contract.
\"It\'s just a matter of lifting them to the site and drilling a few chemical units inside and outside,\" he said . \".
A DIPL spokesperson told ABC that there are many reasons why all bus stops do not allocate shelters.
About 280 bus stations have shelters, 180 may be eligible for shelters, and 90 bus stations are unlikely to have shelters due to infrequent use and very small number of passengers.
The agency said it plans to install 14 shelters in 2018-
19 and A & B welding manufactured shelters are planned to be used for the next bus station upgrade which will be tendered in the medium termMay.
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