bus shelters: collector writes to govt. on violation of rules

by:YEROO     2019-08-26
Coimbatore collectors have written to the Minister of income of the Tamil Nadu government indicating that Coimbatore Corporation has not followed the rules relating to the construction of new bus shelters and the granting of advertising rights in these shelters.
In a letter dated October 2015, collector Archana Patnaik said she had received complaints from civil society groups, consumer activists and members of the public believe that there are certain irregularities in maintaining traffic signals, transferring bus shelters and installing new bus shelters at Coimbatore Corporation limit.
Instructions were also sent to Coimbatore Corporation to ensure proper approval from the district Road Safety Board to transfer and create new bus shelters and to obtain advertising rights, permission should be obtained from the appropriate authorities.
She also added that, in the absence of any omissions, further compliance with the decisions made at the meeting was adhered to from time to time.
On 2015, the Coimbatore Corporation Council passed a resolution establishing 50 bus shelters and granting 25 of them advertising rights for 15 years, after which the collector sent the letter.
The argument of the resolution is that civic groups have no authority to approve the construction of bus shelters.
K said this is the work of the district Road Safety Committee.
Kathirmathiyon, Secretary, and consumer of Kota Kinabalu.
He said that the power to grant advertising rights lies with the collector, who is also the regional transport authority, adding that in short, the company has deprived the collector of the rights and powers on this issue.
The company\'s resolution committed three violations in one fell swoop-in about 15 years, the right to build a bus shelter, the right to advertise, because even collectors have only three years of advertising rights.
Said Kathirmathiyon.
He would also like to know why, when the company has all sorts of other pressing jobs, it is keen to deprive collectors of power at the bus shelters.
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