Bus shelters foundation construction steps

by:YEROO     2020-03-23
Bus shelters foundation generally can't see, but there is really important. Basis for general bus shelters, are generally the pit of 60 * 60 * 80 cm, bus shelters foundation generally have several steps: 1. Dig a hole, please follow this time bus shelters manufacturer base figure to actual operation, when digging holes caution with underground pipes, cables, and sometimes even has the high tension line, must pay attention to the construction. At the time of construction to the whole range with traffic safety belt first, so that to operate safety a lot. Dig a hole thread before marking, we often use of is a hand painted mark, this obviously, do as the past to be understand. 2. When pouring concrete, the general water is C25 concrete, general water bottom consisting of about 650 from 800, wanted to mix concrete, sure is very strong. 3. Place embedded parts, this step is very critical, directly affect the late bus shelter effect of the actual installation, especially pay attention to the level, or so to reach level before and after foundation slab is uneven, the late need to pad iron plate installation bus shelters. So do the foundation, it is important to note that level, to ensure that this step without exception. 4. Fixed bus shelters column base plate, the uneven, can take a few iron mat, and then in the welding plate, can take off the way of welding, the welding is completed, tighten the nut, strengthen basic production again. 5. Pouring concrete again, this time about 10 cm, spread before the floor tile of the ground. 6. Based mop-up bus shelters, avoid scene construction waste and life rubbish. Some of the steps above is basically a bus shelter foundation construction, are based on our olympians bus shelter to summarize the experience of the manufacturers, the hope can help for you. Suqian olin advertising technology co. , LTD is specialized in the shelters, production of large manufacturers one-stop services; For you to create the beauty of the city, look forward to serving you! ! !
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