bus shelters: hospital steps in where civic body stumbles

by:YEROO     2019-11-18
Due to legal disputes that have delayed the construction of city bus shelters, commuters continue to sweat, private entities --
Including hospitals
Has decided to step in.
A representative of border Lifeline Hospital met with officials from Chennai on Friday to ask them to allow improvements to the bus stop near their residence.
Sanjay Cherian, vice president of the hospital, said they had proposed taking care of two nearby bus shelters.
\"We want to try to improve the look of this place.
Most shelters are unauthorized and poorly maintained.
\"Our efforts will make the place cleaner,\" he said . \".
He added that the shelters would be at the expense of the hospital rather than the corporate social responsibility initiative.
\"We are not promoting our name and phone number.
Instead, we will post photos of the heart and provide tips on what to do during a heart attack.
We want to create consciousness as a medium . \"Cherian added.
The hospital also plans to take this initiative at a center in Gummidipoondi.
Company Proposal for unified construction
At 1,084 bus shelters through the modern bus shelters designed by the public-
A company official said private partnerships had legal problems.
So far, only about ten per cent of the proposed shelters have been built.
Commuters say they are tired of waiting for the company and have now begun to ask for their MLAs to step in and use the funds of the local development program to build shelters.
Several bus stops along CTH Road, Hongshan Road, Inner Ring Road, Tirumangalam Main Road, Valluvar Kottam High Road, Haddows Road, College Road, cathedral Road and NSK Salai have been identified by MLAs as the construction of modern stainless steel bus shelters this year.
However, one official said the funds were not enough to improve dozens of shelters in the city with poor conditions.
To address this issue, civic institutions now decide to review other similar proposals from private entities and evaluate them based on unique commuting challenges in each place.
Metropolitan Transport has more than 2,000 bus shelters in the city, while Chennai operates only about 1,150 authorized bus shelters.
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