bus shelters smashed in communities around armdale roundabout

by:YEROO     2019-09-28
The former glass of at least 22 makeshift shelters in Halifax was smashed by vandals as Halifax went through a cold weekend.
The yellow warning tape is wrapped around the bus shelters near Herring Bay Road, Purcells Bay Road and Armdale ring Island.
The sanctuary of kunbo, Mumford and St.
The road in Margaret Bay was also destroyed.
Those who caught up with the bus had to wait in the cold as the shelter could not get in and it was filled with broken glass.
\"Disrespect for public property\", some of the destroyed shelters are located in Area 11 of Spryfield --Sambro Loop -Prospect Road.
Lawmakers in the region say the vandalism is \"unreasonable \".
\"Residents who try to go to work, try to go to school, visit friends or do anything that will be inconvenient now --
I will.
\"It was caused by a group of little fools or dogs who did not respect public property,\" said Stephen Adams . \".
The incident happened overnight between Friday and Saturday morning.
Police in the Halifax area confirmed on Sunday that late Saturday afternoon they first received reports of the broken bus shelters.
Police know there are 22 shelters between Purcells Cove and St.
Margaret Bay Road, which was smashed and investigated
Adams said he was concerned about residents who might be standing outside during the snowstorm, as it could take a few days to fix all the shelters.
\"People rely on our transportation system and they rely on being able to stand in the bus shelters and keep them dry so they don\'t spend the rest of the day in wet clothes,\" he said . \".
Those who know how shelters are destroyed for expensive repairs are encouraged to contact the Crime Stoppers of Nova Scotia.
Adams also said that if the whistleblower knew who was behind the vandalism, they could call him \"the strictest secrecy \".
\"It also annoys me that some people are trying to justify this behavior by saying that the individuals involved are bored,\" Adams said . \".
Let them read a book if they are bored.
\"A spokesman for the city said the cost of replacing the bus shelters was between $5,000 and $6,000.
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