bus shelters to be modernised

by:YEROO     2019-09-24
Chennai will modernize nearly 740 bus shelters throughout the city as part of its unified design efforts.
Mayor M. spoke at the company council meeting on Tuesday
\"While work on 99 bus shelters will begin next week, we have also decided to modernize another 640 shelters,\" said subamanian.
He added: \"The design space of the stainless steel bus shelter is small, providing maximum comfort for commuters.
The company has 741 bus shelters, including 377 which were previously controlled by metropolitan transport.
Now there are 500 bus shelters in MTC.
After modernization, Chennai may receive higher revenue than MTC.
The road to a new bus shelter may be built next week, including
Radhakrishnan Salai, Roya petagh Road, University Road, Gandhi Irwin Road, Nungambakam High Road, Pantheon Road, Tank Bund RoadS. C.
Bose Road, Rajaji Salai, Vepery High Road, M. T. H.
Road, cylinder tank Road, Dr. Kodambakkam High Road.
Ambedkar Salai, Kotturpuram Road, sandal Patel Road, Santhome High Road, Greenway Road, R. K.
Matt Road and doctor.
Desmuk Road.
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