bus shelters: : why aren\'t they where they\'re needed the most?

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When lobbyists and promoters came to town hall a few years ago to market a new public service, there seemed to be an untapped gold mine on the sidewalk in Los Angeles that would pay--not cost--
Millions of cities
About 2,500 stylish shelters will be built free of charge at bus stops throughout the city, providing sunshine, rain and wind protection for thousands of RTD passengers.
In order to fund the project and make considerable profits, the contractor will sell the advertisement on the back of the color
Lighting panels on Earth
Tone, metal and colored glass construction.
The income of the city will decrease. -
About $14 million in 10 years.
City officials are interested in this, but they have two big concerns: whether developers will ignore the low
In favor of income communities in high-end areas that are popular with advertisers?
Will the interests of the city be protected if the contractor goes bankrupt?
The Los Angeles City Council is convinced that the city, not the contractor, will decide on the location of the sanctuary, which the city can take over if the company goes bankrupt
The housing Media Association began construction in 1981.
But six years later, despite these contractual guarantees
Internet builders have neglected the poorest and most accessible part of the city --
Black and Latino community-
Company officials admit that they are, at least to some extent, chasing advertising revenue.
The company has built only about 700 shelters. -
Less than the third promised.
Four months ago, the city did not reap huge windfall and did not attempt to enforce the original terms of the agreement, but took unusual steps to rewrite the contract and save the company from bankruptcy.
A survey by The Times also found that city negotiators passed the rescue effort
Has passed the normal contract bidding procedures, failedto-
Enforce fines that the city may impose and fail to inform the city council of new investors brought into the business.
While the bailout agreement of last March extended the contract for 20 years and relaxed the terms of the housing media, it did not make any request for the main unfulfilled target of the first contract: shelters will be housed throughout the city.
Therefore, although the company has been operating, the public services it provides remain unbalanced.
Upscale locations in Westwood, Century City, West Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley still have shelters ---
The cost of many bus passengers in the South
Central and Eastern housing construction is at best unstable.
An analysis of The Times shows that a wealthy 25-square-
A mile from the west San Fernando Valley, bus passengers are relatively small, more than double the number of shelters in similar areas in the South
Central, low
Residents rely heavily on bus services for their incomes.
This contrast is obvious on the street, just like Ruby Jones was waiting for the bus in the open air for a sultry afternoon with her for a month --
The old baby and her 4-year-
The old son on the southern century and Avalon BoulevardCentral.
The intersection is a busy interior
There is no urban transport connection point for the bus stop shelter.
Jones had no car and had to go shopping by bus, make appointments for doctors and visit relatives.
At the thought of a shelter, she said smilingly, \"I haven\'t seen much. . . .
Maybe that area.
\"The RTD records show that the number of people on buses per day in Avalon and Century is eight times higher than the number of daily boarding in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, the Balboa Avenue and Saticoy Street.
But there are three bus shelters in Balboa and satikoy. One two-
The RTD records show that the Ventura Road is a mile long and has eight bus shelters per day, which can accommodate about 1,170 boarders.
The same length of South Avalon Avenue
There are more than 2,800 boarders in downtown Los Angeles every day, but there are no shelters.
There are few shelters for the large area of Latino El Sereno and Highland Park on the east side.
\"I want to know people (here)
Even know if they exist, \"said Father Bill McLean, a community activist assigned to the Virgin of Guadalupe Catholic Church in El Serino.
Some City Council members said they were not aware of the issue at all and they agreed to renegotiate the deal with the housing media.
In a recent interview, councillor Zev Yaroslavsky said, \"The purpose is not only that wealthy communities will have them, but all communities will have the same amount.
\"Another council member, Robert Farrell, said that when the contract was voted in the third quarter, he did not realize that the contract was renegotiating.
He said that if he knew, he would question the lack of shelter in some parts of his South
Central District.
Farrell said he agreed to allow more shelters in lucrative areas in the first place, just promising to build more shelters in lower places laterTransit incomeneedy areas.
\"We accepted an argument in good faith,\" he said . \" He added that it now appears that \"we are stepping back from our public commitment.
Joan milk Flores, a female MP, added, \"If I knew there would be a gap in any area of the city, I would never continue to approve this . \".
\"The public works department officer in charge of managing the contract, as well as the staff of city Chief Administrator Keith Comrie, who is in charge of negotiating the bailout agreement, admitted that they did not follow up on the site where the shelter was built.
The records show that the Ministry of Public Works has gradually abandoned time.
The consumer position of sheltered media is a chore.
Molin Jindel, head of the Public Works Committee, admitted that her department compromised to allow advertising needs to be the standard for choosing shelters.
But she maintains that members of the City Council have always been \"absolutely\" responsible for overseeing the distribution of shelters.
Most placement decisions become commercial considerations as companies pay more and more attention to business considerations. Christopher J.
Calver, senior vice president of marketing at Shelter Media, said, \"Century City\'s advertising revenue is a hundred times that of southern Los Angeles \".
Sandra Williams, manager of the company (Sandra Williams), who, together with her husband, supervised the choice of residence, cited the company\'s financial woes and said, \"We are determined to get some revenue in this area and the sales staff told us to get everything in the saleable area you might be doing. . . .
If we have a choice. .
We will take every shelter (
West Los Angeles).
\"The Valley is very popular,\" she added. . . .
We have many shopping centers here. They (advertisers)
I like shopping malls.
\"Bruce Williams
President of Burbank
The shelter-based media said some black areas were served and he quoted
Transportation area near University of Southern California and gymnasium.
As for the east side, City memos and shelter media officials said there were few shelters there because the company could not find Hispanic advertisers.
CitedWilliams said the company\'s top priority for any new shelter could be the bus stop along the beach.
One of the problems in the South
He said the central government was vandalism.
He complained about a shelter near Jordan\'s high school. -
Responding to community pressure--
Like \"one for the war zone \".
Gilbert Lindsay, a powerful black lawmaker, suggested a bailout of the shelter media by his public works committee. He said he expressed sympathy for the company\'s views.
\"Why put something where hundreds of people will see it (Advertising)
When you put it in the city centerwill see it)? Asked Lindsay.
\"I wouldn\'t put it on the dock if I was going to spend money on advertising.
\"Shelter media officials defended the placement of the shelter, saying that the shelter is highly concentrated in the city center, Wilshire and West Los Angeles office areas, and has been in a state of high concentration despite the recognition that it is good for advertising
Bus line.
While Shelter Media has gained the most exposure, it says it is difficult to break into the advertising market.
At the end of 1984, three years after obtaining the first contract in Los Angeles, the company was in financial trouble and after completing about 700 shelters and firing most of the labor force, it had closed the building.
In the next two years, despite an increase in advertising revenue, the company is only operating existing shelters.
Some investors and city officials say the fundamental weakness of Shelter Media is a huge capital liability with an interest rate of 21%, which is neither refinance nor refinance. Even when the advertising of the bus shelters began to sell well.
Bruce Williams says the city has seen the seeds of debt problems from the start, but he says it is not a major consideration.
\"Come on guys,\" he protested when asked about the financial situation of the company.
\"At that particular point in time, the project was supported by people who had a reputation not only in the community, but also in the town hall.
Some investors say they think Shelter Media\'s financial problems are also linked to poor management, especially Williams\'s lack of experience in the advertising business.
Bruce Williams admitted that the advertising background was limited, but denied that the company was not well managed.
In June 1986, Shelter Media began asking the city to rewrite and extend the contract to attract new investors.
City administration officials persuaded the company\'s new deal to be in the best interests of the city and made new contract proposals to the City Council.
For example, when the contract renewal was submitted to the Council, the staff analyst did not remind the Council members that the company was two years behind in completing the last construction phase.
The council is also not aware of the exemption of thousands of dollars in fines because, according to other city documents, these assessments are \"devastating\" to the company \".
Reduction in payments under new contracts--
Nor did it explain to council members-
If advertising revenue drops, the city will receive a minimum guaranteed payment lower than the old contract.
In order to justify the change of the contract and add 15 years to the terms of the contract, the staff reported that the city\'s revenue is expected to increase, accounting for 18% of the shelter\'s media advertising revenue, as at 2002, the total amount was approximately $17 million.
Later, city staff analysts acknowledged that the projections were provided by the shelter media.
The Times found that in the first 10 years of the new contract, the projected revenue growth was exaggerated by 18%.
In the end, the city agreed less.
According to the requirements of the company
President Williams and influential City Hall lobbyists H.
Randall Stoke, the City Council voted to reduce the share of the company\'s revenue to 13%.
According to the old contract, the city\'s income was also lower than originally expected.
Using different formulas, the city gets $1.
4 million 6 years instead of the original estimated $14 million, if all 2,500 shelters are in 10-
The length of the contract. Well-
Known among the partners of the initially crumbling company, today still a minority partner is former Green Bay Packers soccer star Willie Davis, who is also the best in the city --
Over the past three years, prominent black entrepreneurs have contributed $6,000 to Mayor Tom Bradley;
Nikolas Patsaouras, a member of the RTD board of directors, Bradley was appointed to the city zoning appeals board and has donated $8,300 over the past two years to Bradley and city council members;
Jack McGrath, former assistant and campaign manager at Yaroslavski
Time city hall lobbyists;
Developers Peter Sidlow and Dennis Devine (
Son of the late actor Andy Devin)
Over the past two years, he has contributed more than $8,000 to Bradley and council members.
Major council members and senior officials have denied that the bailout was caused by political influence.
\"I will tell you now that I will never be a part of Hanki --
\"Pan Ji,\" said Lindsay, chairman of the committee who suggested the bailout agreement.
\"The goal is to prevent them from getting hungry and continue to build bus shelters,\" Comrie said . \" Comrie\'s staff negotiated the rescue plan.
\"These are terms (Shelter Media)
I have to survive. . . .
We represent what we think is the best interest for the city and still let them do business.
However, Davis notes that Davis\'s commercial complex is one of the largest employers in the South
In central Los Angeles, Flores said, \"Willie\'s political problems (Davis)
\"It may have affected the decision of the town hall to help shelter the media. \"(He is)close to (some)
It is unlikely that council members \"who\" would like to take it from him. . . .
Flores, who received $3,000 in campaign donations from partners in the shelter media, mainly Davis, said she also \"wanted \"(s)
Help Willie Davis if you can.
\"City officials acknowledge that the rescue agreement of last March was drafted by company officials, which transferred the monopoly of the construction and management of bus stations from the shelter Media Limited Partnership (a tax shelter)
A new company, mainly new investors, Shelter Media Communications Inc.
Although the old contract specifically required the city council to approve any change of ownership over 5% of the company\'s shareholding, Los Angeles officials said they bypassed the normal procedure and never investigated the ownership or financial capabilities of new investors.
According to the information provided by the shelter media representative, city officials told the City Council that the new shelter media communication was owned by a new investor from the New York Metro advertising company with a 95% stake. Inc. , an 80-year-
An old company with annual sales of $30 million.
The old partnership retains 5% of ownership in the new company.
But the New York Times found that there were only 47 Subway owners.
5% of new asylum media.
SunVen, a Arizona limited partnership, holds an equal share of its principal partners, including former billboard and newspaper entrepreneur Karl Eller, who is currently the chairman of the Circle K convenience store chain, and his son, Scott Eller.
Members of the city council were not informed that SunVen was involved in the agreement signed by the city on the 3 Th.
They were also not told that the New York metro company changed hands three years ago, and its boss said Los Angeles was their first business to run a bus shelter.
Most of the company\'s revenue comes from selling ads at Metro cars and stations in New York City.
If you let the city see it, it may find other bidders.
A senior executive of large media group Gannett, by the way, Eller used to be a senior executive of the group and informally told The Times if competitive bidding was sought, the company will consider seeking a contract in Los Angeles.
Gannett is invading the United States. S.
The bus market and a recent contract in San Francisco have outbid the housing media.
Comrie said the main purpose of the negotiations was to prevent the shelter media from failing and to leave the city with hundreds of unmaintained and destroyed bus shelters.
He said that the city was \"in a 100% favorable position\" and could not provide for the terms of the new contract, nor could it find asylum media in the event of a breach of contract and re-bid.
\"On the contrary,\" said Marvin Braun, a member of parliament who actively awarded the original contract, saying that Comrie and other city officials specifically assured him in 1981, if economic hardship threatens to bankrupt the builder, the city can take over the shelter and send the project back to the tender. \"This (bailout)
\"This is exactly the opposite of my vision,\" he said . \".
\"You will never know if you can get a better deal. . . . My hard-
The point of the nose is that it\'s always better to take it out (
Competitive bidding
Start again.
\"But Bruce Williams and many of the city officials he has dealt with over the years say the bus shelter program should be seen as a success because more than 700 people
There are maintained shelters on the streets-
One of the largest such projects in the country.
\"We really think we\'re doing well and we\'re going to get better and better,\" Williams said . \".
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