Bus station kiosk custom need to know three common sense

by:YEROO     2020-03-23
Bus station kiosk regular size: height is 2. 8 ~ 3 m, ceiling width of 1. 5 ~ 2. 0 m, single light box 1. 7× 3. 6 meters, another length, number of leds, etc can be designed according to customer's requirement. But the influence of the style and material, bus station regular size is not uniform. To design a concise fashion shelters, must grasp the relevant sizes. Bus station kiosk design custom came to get to know three common sense will know. The role of bus station kiosk bus TingZhu if give people provide convenient bus travel, this is about to consider its basic functions, such as perfct, blind road, mother and baby rides rest area for pregnant women, the old man sits stool, etc. And for the city bus station kiosk promoted urban traffic capacity, let people waiting for the bus can benefit from the massive construction of station pavilion, you can also feel the comfortable and neat of the urban environment. If the size is not reasonable, will affect to pavilion features. Bus station kiosk installation environment for station pavilion has a certain influence, such as urban geography, the humanities environment, local customs and habits, etc. Bus station kiosk is part of the urban functions, do and match the style of the city is the design level. Especially in ethnic minority areas, also need to consider the local taboos. From the environmental point of view, bus stop both in appearance modelling, and the dimensions must meet the needs of the urban environment. The function of the bus station kiosk stand booth deposit is easy to travel, and advertising light box can be used for lighting and the installation of advertising, advertising space for rent. Is the bus stop to show the bus information, intelligent LED electronic screen in the bus station can report the real-time public transport information, helps in the understanding of the bus. Similar to the intelligent function, to the installation location must be considered, on the design plan is reasonable. Reasonable design, also need to consider the late bus station kiosk made smooth simple needs!
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