\'buy under armour now!,\' chip wilson tells lululemon in bus shelter ad

by:YEROO     2019-11-20
He no longer serves on the lululullemon sports committee, but company founder Chip Wilson has come up with an innovative way to provide input into the business interests of Canadian sportswear retailers --
Bus shelter advertising
In an advertisement for a bus shelter in front of Vancouver\'s ulemmon headquarters in Vancouver, Wilson suggested that the company buy competitors for armor sportswear.
\"The business model of lulululemon is debt-free, and banks have $1 billion ready for an extraordinary opportunity,\" the ad said . \".
\"Now armour is weak.
They have junk bonds and they have too much stock and technology to make money.
Buy Armour to bring it our original culture and the business model of \"making money.
\"Wilson\'s name is at the bottom of the ad and also the URL, a site he launched last year with the aim of measuring the current performance of Lululemon.
Wilson founded Lululemon in 1998 and resigned from the board in 2015 to devote more time to kit & Ace, his wife and son\'s clothing collection.
In last June, he attacked lululullemon\'s current management, calling the yoga apparel company \"lost its way \".
In an open letter, Wilson said that the management and board of directors of rival-like armor and Nike\'s market share of yoga gears stealing lulululullemon must come up with a clear strategy to grow.
Wilson also said that he did not have the opportunity to speak at the corporate shareholders conference.
Meanwhile, Under Armour is currently Under some pressure after CEO Kevin prankke praised the United StatesS.
In a recent interview with CNBC, President Donald Trump called him a \"national asset \".
The Golden State Warriors basketball star Curry, sponsored by Under Armour, responded, \"I agree with this description if you remove et.
Actor Dwayne \"Rock\" Johnson and ballerina Misti Copeland, two other celebrity spokesmen for under-armor, also called the plink \"split\" to Johnson
The company later issued a statement saying it was engaged in \"policy, not politics \".
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