can online crowds make the trains run on time?

by:YEROO     2019-09-23
Your train is always late, the bus shelter is destroyed, there is no safe place in the station to park your bike
But seriously, complaints are too hard.
From today on, fixed traffic may change all this.
My Society is a citizen hacking organization, and behind a website like the one they work for you, its latest and most ambitious adventure goal is to be --
Stop shopping for people trying to improve traffic.
A simple and engaging interface with a huge buzzword \"Euston, we have a problem\", inviting users to report the problem and forwarding their problem to the correct operator or local authorities.
Their responses will then be reported on the website and this information will be made public if the issue is finally resolved.
The site has been on-site testing for several weeks and there are already some examples of how it works.
One user complained that the Greenland terminal, which was traveling along the Thames on a commuter boat, was in poor repair.
A prompt response was given to inform him that the local council was planning a renovation and that the issue was now listed as \"fixed \".
This is similar to FixMyStreet where you can report potholes or flies
Tip and check out your local council response.
It claims that, thanks to its efforts, 65,000 potholes and other broken things have been cleared, and just last week, 1,000 new reports have been submitted to the website.
Behind-the-scenes character of my society, energetic Tom Steinberg, thinks its latest site may be more popular, though he admits it\'s a bit like shooting in the dark: \"I just instinctively feel that people are more annoyed with crowded trains and late buses than with potholes and flies --tipping.
\"If fixed transportation really takes off, it requires a lot of resources and hopefully this volunteer community that gathers on my other social sites will do most of the work.
Steinberg\'s idea of using big data projects to attract public participation has received attention from the previous two governments.
There has been a feeling recently that many of these projects are more interested in a small community of data geeks --
Or for politicians who want to get headlines quickly.
More important than the public.
But my Society is trying to focus on what will attract real people.
\"No one wakes up thinking they really want to explore some interesting data through engaging visualizations,\" Mr Steinberg said . \".
\"But they did consider having a branch clean up from the road, or why the door of the fire was not closed properly.
\"If thousands of people flock to fixed transportation in the next few weeks, maybe the train will start running on time --
The whole idea of mobilizing people online for practical purposes will get a lot. needed fillip.
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