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Can outdoor advertising players really be waterproof and dustproof ?


Everyone must be familiar with outdoor advertising players. It has spread to all corners of the city. Whether it is a park, bus station, street, scenic spot, or toll station, community, institution, school, etc., it has its presence and has become a part of the city. Landscape.

Outdoor advertising player is mainly used for outdoor information promotion, advertising display and other functions. It is an important communication device for advertising media nowadays, and now there is much rain in the south, and the requirements for outdoor advertising player equipment are higher. It must meet the function of complete waterproof and moisture proof. Otherwise, it will not be able to achieve its due value outdoors, so can outdoor advertising machines really be waterproof and dustproof? YEROO will introduce to you below.

To achieve good waterproof performance, it is important that the sealing performance is good. Take the outdoor advertising player product as an example. The interior uses high-quality car rubber strips, plus waterproof glass glue, the shell structure is designed with a waterproof groove, and a rubber seal is installed at the door to achieve waterproof purposes. The overall waterproof performance of the product reaches IP65, which is more stable and reliable when used outdoors.

This is just a common method used by manufacturers of outdoor advertising players, but in fact, for better dust prevention, a labyrinth structure and a dust filter will be used at the entrance and exit of the air duct to filter fine dust in the air and prevent mosquitoes from entering the machine. Internally, to achieve the purpose of dustproof and waterproof, in this way, it can not only prevent moisture and rain from seeping into the screen, but also enhance the overall waterproof function of the outdoor advertising player to a certain level.


It is worth mentioning that, based on years of experience in advertising player development and project landing, the use of stainless steel waterproof panels not only has poor adhesion, which makes the waterproof performance more superior, but also prevents bird waste from staying and corroding the box The surface greatly enhances the service life of the cabinet. It can be seen from this that we have been constantly evolving in the use of new materials, actively exploring conditions that are more suitable for outdoor use, and upgrading our products in a comprehensive manner in a more targeted manner.

In addition, a sealing strip or sealant must be installed at the junction of the LCD screen body and the advertising player casing. Only by doing the above techniques can we achieve the waterproof and dustproof effect and ensure the normal operation of the outdoor advertising player.

The above is an introduction to whether outdoor advertising players can really be waterproof and dustproof. Wind and rain in summer and heavy snow and ice in winter are one of the problems in the use of outdoor advertising players, especially in the Middle East. The climate, high temperature, and heavy humidity, especially in rainy weather, the wind speed is small, the lack of light, which makes the internal components of the outdoor advertising player easy to expand and deform or even mold, so it is very important for outdoor advertising player waterproof and moisture proof.

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