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by:YEROO     2019-08-20
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: a few years ago, hitech was transformed at the bus shelter in the city.
Many bus shelters have been renovated with additional facilities such as CCTV surveillance cameras, speakers that play FM Radio Songs, LED display boards, and complex backlight panels and bulbs that provide lighting.
Like some of these initiatives, hitech bus shelters are rapidly losing their charm.
The lack of proper maintenance has affected many values
Facilities have been added to these bus shelters.
Several high levels of rapid audit by the Taiwan team
Check out the facilities there at the city\'s technical bus shelter.
VJT Hall bus stop bus shelter was built by Pratheeksha bus shelter Kerala Private Limited and maintained by Jaypee Ads Private Limited with a well maintained
While both shelters have light bulbs, travelers who use the shelters say none of them work.
Anoma Thompson David, a resident of kadinakuran, who works at a private media company in PMG, said the lack of lighting at the bus stop was a major problem.
I usually go home from work around 7: 30 p. m. and go home with this bus shelter.
While waiting for the bus, we had to sit in the dark waiting for the bus because there was no lighting.
The only light source comes from the headlights of the passing vehicle, she said.
Another project by Pratheeksha bus shelter Kerala Private Limited, the shelter is worse because the bus shelter has no light bulbs and only exposed wires.
Promised Wi-
Facilities are not available either, but the seating and roof are well maintained.
Joshi J. R, web designer at Kesavadasapuram, said he tried to connect to WiFi but did not.
The lights never seem to work, he said.
P. R. santhossh Kumar, MD, Pratheeksha bus shelter Kerala Limited, added that they usually resolve any issues notified to them as early as possible.
We do not know the lack of lighting facilities in shelters.
WiFi facilities are not part of this project.
The facilities were destroyed by social factors.
He promised that we would solve the problem in two days.
The museum bus shelter, one of three shelters maintained by TRDCL, is equipped with multiple speakers to Relay FM stations, CCTV surveillance cameras and seating facilities.
The main problem here is the lack of proper lighting at night.
Archana S. M, who works in an office near the museum, says the music system has been working properly until the last few days.
After the recent renovation, the situation at the bus stop became better.
There is also enough rain cover.
The lack of proper lighting is the only problem I am facing, she said.
Keltron remodeled bus shelters Vellayambalam is one of the best bus shelters for maintenance and lighting.
The bus station is also one of the few bus stations with active electrified.
Arjun Vijayan, a technician from Vellayambalam, said the recent renovation proved to be very impressive.
Two years ago, the bus shelter had only the sign of Keltron, and now they provide facilities such as lighting, FM songs and active wireless networks.
This is a major improvement, he said.
The bus shelter near the University men\'s hostel, LMS juntionthe, is mla vs Sivakumar\'s three bus waits built with his development fund during his tenure as minister
There are multiple holes in the interior frame of the roof and no lighting is provided.
The back of the sanctuary was completely flooded with posters.
A slope built on both sides of the refuge for turning it
The chairs are friendly to the elderly because they are slippery.
The bus shelter Palayam is also built using MLA sivakumar\'s Development Fund, which shares similar issues such as those near mena\'s hostel.
The ramp raised concerns among some passengers, but instead it also provided space for other passengers to sit.
Karthi Krishna, who works at HDFC Bank, said the bus stop is one of the worst places for women in the capital.
The bus stop is very crowded.
There is not enough space in the sanctuary to accommodate so many people.
The elevated platform is also dangerous, she said, because we may fall down on the road while running towards the bus.
Another woman, who declined to be named, said the incident she faced involved a drunk man who had disturbed and commented in inappropriate ways in the past week.
This place is absolutely dark in the evening.
The only lighting, she added, was the lighting of street lamps and St. Joseph\'s Cathedral.
The statue is connected to two adjacent bus stops with no lighting facilities.
The first project is the corporate bus shelter project undertaken by TRDCL, with closed-circuit television facilities and speakers that work occasionally.
There are two chairs missing from the second bus stop.
The walls around the shelter were destroyed by graffiti.
Sivaraman V, a government employee, said that while there are two bus stations that provide rain cover, there is no such facility at the bus station opposite the Secretariat. âx80x9cThe Wi-
The Fi facility did not work and the seats were missing.
He said they could have added a station near the statue at the intersection instead of two adjacent bus stops.
Anilkumar Pandala, director of TRDCL, said the lack of electricity connection allowance for City companies is the main reason why shelters do not have lights.
We haven\'t implemented Wi yet-
Because it will bring a lot of economic burden.
The LED screen was turned off as we did not show any ads.
Mla vs Sivakumar responded that it was the responsibility of the company to maintain the bus shelters built by MLAs and MPs development funds.
It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that these facilities are updated.
He said that at the upcoming meeting with Mayor V. K. Prasanth, we will discuss possible solutions to this issue.
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