caption this: bus shelter prank edition

by:YEROO     2019-11-20
\"It looks like the leaves are in the bag! ”“That’s it! We’re leaving!
\"These are just a few titles submitted by online readers for 72-submitted photosyear-
Old John Gerrard, shows bags filled with leaves in the TTC bus shelter in Bloor St. W. and Mill Rd.
\"I thought it was a scream,\" Gerrard said Tuesday . \" He added that he smiled when he saw the leaves.
\"Yes, I will do something like that when I was a child,\" he said . \".
\"A little harmless prank.
Later I thought about it and if someone threw a cigarette or a match in it might destroy the sanctuary.
\"The prank may not hurt anyone, but according to city spokesman Bruce Hawkins, it is a violation of the city\'s charter that the dramatists illegally dump leaves at the bus stop.
\"If the material is placed in a bus shelter by a theater operator, a landscape company or a homeowner, that person will violate Toronto municipal regulations, he wrote.
Immediately notify GFL, the city\'s contracted collection company, to clean up the shelter.
Robert Orpin, spokesman for solid waste management, said he suspected \"it was filled out by children.
The prank may be considered a public prank, according to Toronto police, but don\'t expect the police to start an investigation.
\"The bottom line is sometimes a prank is just a prank,\" Const.
He said.
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