catherine widgery: public art and visual poetics for a better world

by:YEROO     2019-09-09
In the studio of sculptor Catherine wedgiri, from the juvenile court to the El Paso bus shelter, mental health facility, to the K-Street corridor in Washington, D. C, all of them, from the Venice Architecture Biennale to the shopping mecca in Ottawa, are combined by a responsive, epic, infinitely plastic idea ---
Make the world a better place than she foundHer large-
Proportional permanent installations, both indoor and outdoor, whether integrated in the building or independent, contain artificial and ambient light, translucent and reflective surfaces, the Schema Abstraction of natural imagery and the touch of narrative poetry directly reference the context of their scene function.
As an artist primarily engaged in public, civic, municipal practice, Widgery is responsible for more than 40 popular awards even when working in the private sectorwinning site-
Specific works of art in their 30 syear career;
The 63-year-old is more prolific, dynamic and innovative than ever before.
Although she likes any opportunity to re-imagine and explain people\'s experience of public space, when her work can directly improve the difficult environment, she will get special happiness from these occasions and-
Is this part of the garden?
Create theme bus shelters in harsh barren landscapes;
A bright landscape of great urban commercial development;
Recognition of mature, fable and emotionally complex work of mental health or the reality of criminal justice institutions;
Or in a thriving community, a simple and beautiful upgrade to a section of concrete with no features, trying to express their changing identity.
What is the difference between her public art practice and the plundered traditional wisdom --down, context-and content-free expensive-
Look at the metaphor of metal sculpture, not only her elegance, but also the esoteric and poetic aesthetic--
However, her positioning of interaction, experience and even narrative design allows the audience to participate in the process of creating a sense of place and use her work as a channel for their attention, let them understand where they are and how they feel there.
\"My work is almost always accessible.
I want to enhance rather than cut off the sense of place and wake people up and be active in their own environment at the present moment.
Even, especially when they don\'t expect it, it\'s nice to find that moment.
There is no doubt that rapid technological advances have changed her ability ---
Whether in terms of ultimately being able to execute ideas faster and more economically, or, most importantly, in terms of considering environmental impacts and sustainability, in addition to finding sources of inspiration, she keeps increasing the amount of knowledge she has accumulated.
As projects tend to take years from concept to execution, there are always multiple irons in a known fire (
There are about a dozen at present, depending on how you calculate it)
They often show off each other in discovering new materials and technologies, from solar energy-
Use the durability of steel to provide power lighting for treated wood.
Widgery uses Google Earth to locate debris based on the actual angle of ambient light and to build her model during the design process to replicate and integrate these conditions.
Although her frame of reference is the range, brightness, depth and height experience of color and movement in contemporary digital art ---
In fact, it is better for her work to be recorded in her video series, rather than still photography for this exact reason ---
In fact, she achieved this almost cinematic effect through environmental light and the changing movement of the audience and the environment itself, ironically, in the end, \"it\'s all very low --tech.
\"Like the hysenber principle, it points out that one\'s observation itself fundamentally changes the nature of observation for each new audience, because they undid the work with a new, elusive interior, outer land, sky and light, and found their own meaning.
So it will live forever.
Visit Widgery\'s website for a full archive and update of new projects--
Including videos of some of her most impressive works.
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