caught on camera: alleged impaired driver smashes into bus shelter, narrowly missing 2

by:YEROO     2019-10-02
Earlier this month, an SUV driven by an alleged injured driver was captured in a video and rushed into an occupied bus shelter in Richmond Hill, almost missing
Now the York District police are asking the lucky two to contact them.
Police say December
The accident happened at about 2: 30. m. on Bayview Ave. at the Hwy. 407 ramp.
The dashcam video shows a black Dodge Durango coming out of the road, entering the crossing, breaking the glass and just missing two people waiting for the car inside.
The two left before the police arrived.
Police say the male driver was injured in drug use.
Wayne Quinlan, 49, was accused of taking drugs.
Damaged vehicle operation.
He is scheduled to appear in the new market Court on January. 4.
Investigators ask any witnesses
Especially two people in the shelter.
1-contact them866-876-5423, ext.
7241 or 1-800-222-TIPS.
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