Challenges and application points of column billboards

by:YEROO     2020-02-21
At the same time of the development of the outdoor advertising media industry, the column billboard industry also meets new challenges and opportunities, and the shadow left behind is over. How to do the manufacturer and customer satisfaction, can really win-win, must have a new model to meet the needs of the market. At present, the main customer groups or outdoor media companies are mainly concerned about the quality and price, the core or after-sales service, and many manufacturers promise a one-year to five-year warranty, in fact, it is mainly to provide accessories. Once the billboard is operated, the customer cannot complete the repair work himself. And now the column billboard industry in various manufacturers can not do its column billboard is regular maintenance and maintenance, not to mention most of the customers are media operators, maintenance column billboard is not very understanding, for example, only bad awareness of maintenance. The characteristics of column billboards are different from other traditional products, products and accessories of various manufacturers, and customers will only give them to manufacturers. Column Billboard enterprises may not set up offices or special maintenance points in small and medium-sized cities across the country like electricity or automobile companies, even if manufacturers can send people to repair, because many brands are in other regions, this will cause maintenance, not only to the manufacturer itself brings high maintenance costs, but also to the customer caused a certain economic loss. Product performance and investment benefits: column billboards are usually built on both sides of expressways or urban main roads, provinces and national roads where the traffic is relatively concentrated. Because of its large high-altitude characteristics, the advertisement is more eye-catching and has better continuity, which can attract more people's attention. If the combination of multi-dimensional vision, multi-sensory and color creativity is extremely shocking, making people feel personally on the scene and impressive. At the same time, the single-column Billboard has the characteristics of one-time investment and lifelong benefit, and it can have property rights and use rights like a house, and can be sold and leased, so it is a better way for you to choose fixed investment. Single column billboards have the following advantages: 1. Size, location and impact force; 2. Full time 3, creation frequency 4, marching crowd 5, time allocation 6, low cost of thousands of people 7, public to target audience 8, various forms, unlimited creativity 9, fresh colors light and Magic light up the application of single-column billboards in living space 5 key points: 1. First of all, there should be scientific and reasonable design and construction drawings for local climate conditions. This is the first condition to ensure the quality of anti-aircraft guns. The numerical values such as the simulated local wind pressure value, snow pressure value and seismic index of each bar and board surface can only be implemented if the computer demonstration reaches the standard. 2. Scientific construction management system. The welders required for the production of antiaircraft guns must be professional construction personnel holding the national special technology license. There are quality and safety management personnel on-site management, and the construction process must be equipped with various safety measures, the process flow is completely constructed according to the drawings. 3. Standard steel ingredients. At present, there is a distinction between national standard and non-national standard in the steel market. The design drawings are designed according to national standard. However, if non-national standard materials are used instead of national standard materials in the construction process, the construction cost will be greatly reduced, and the quality will be greatly reduced. Regular manufacturing companies generally provide quality certificates for the steel used. Whether the structure is reasonable and whether the steel ingredients are standard determines the quality of the anti-aircraft gun. The manufacture of antiaircraft guns is still in the primary stage of development. There is neither a certain industry standard nor a quality supervision department. The expanding market demand has spawned large and small companies that can manufacture antiaircraft guns, the structure of some companies' anti-aircraft guns is a little scrutiny on the basis of introducing the production of billboards in the special topic of advertising materials. Experience replaces scientific checking calculations and is mixed with some price factors. The materials are not standard enough, will inevitably become a highway hidden trouble. 4. Insurance measures. Natural disasters are man-made force majeure. How to minimize the loss of natural disasters is something we must consider. Handling natural disaster accident insurance for anti-aircraft guns can solve all-round worries. 5. Necessary later maintenance measures. Including conventional antirust paint brushing (Except for maintenance-free type) , The overall structure of the weld joint inspection, in order to eliminate hidden dangers, preventive measures. Column billboards are mainly located next to major sections of roads, including expressways, urban roads, overpasses, etc. They are an important part of the current advertising project.
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