Changes in demand for outdoor advertising light box production

by:YEROO     2020-02-26
The production of outdoor advertising light boxes has developed in the past two or three years. Nowadays, many companies are paying more and more attention to the creation of advertising light box production and the realization of design effect. All walks of life are eager to quickly enhance the corporate image and spread business information. Governments at all levels also hope to establish a city image and beautify the city through outdoor advertising. All these have provided huge market opportunities for the outdoors, and therefore put forward higher requirements. As the production of professional advertising light boxes started late in our country and has a weak foundation, the creativity, design and production of outdoor advertising light boxes are facing many problems in today's rapidly expanding market demand for outdoor advertising light boxes, at present, the production of outdoor advertising light boxes is not suitable for the development of advertising industry in terms of materials, technology and service. Outdoor advertising light box creativity should follow certain principles according to its own characteristics in order to obtain good communication effect: First of all, its simplicity. This kind of simplicity includes the conciseness of the picture and the singleness of the content of the advertisement appeal. I see that there are many outdoor advertising light boxes that directly transplant their advertisements put on newspapers or magazines to the outdoors, only using larger fonts of advertising slogans or more obvious brand marks, then add a striking picture. There are significant differences between outdoor advertising light boxes and advertisements put on traditional media. For advertisements on traditional media, especially those on print media, the audience have more time to know the product information in detail, therefore, the advertising light box can transmit more information, while the outdoor advertising light box is limited by the release space and location, and the amount of information conveyed is limited and mandatory, which is difficult to arouse the active concern of the audience. Therefore, outdoor advertising light boxes should pay attention to the simplicity of information transmission when creating ideas. Only simple, clear, eye-catching and prominent advertising demands and single pictures can attract people's attention.
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