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Characteristics and functions of modern bus shelters


People almost touch the bus shelter every day, this is a public facility, and people are more or less exposed to it. At this moment, many city bus shelters have become a part of urban propaganda, and the style and design are not the same. A good bus shelter can not only mark the site, mark the bus route, and indicate the role of bus operation time. It can be sheltered from wind and rain to protect against the bad natural environment.

YEROO-Characteristics and functions of modern bus shelters

Most of these bus shelters have added some additional factors to meet the basic functions and functions. Some of the good ideas and designs and ideas can bring better feelings of waiting for a ride, and meet the needs of people. The demand, such as the current stop sign is the electronic stop sign, can prompt the bus distance, the bus to the station number, the line situation, so that people provide a reference for the ride. At this moment, the car booth light box advertisement or the stop sign design has the characteristics of the place and becomes the city business card. There is also an automatic card recharge, in short, the bus shelter function has become more extensive. The common facilities for bus shelters are stop signs and awnings. This configuration is available in almost all city bus shelters. So, what functions should a good bus shelter have?

1, the waiting function: This is also the core function of the arch shelter, according to the bus route, choose to set the shelter at the appropriate location, at the same time, considering the local environmental characteristics, design the site size to facilitate pedestrian travel, and Can accommodate vehicles and passengers to design.

2, the station information display: mainly in accordance with the bus station line to publish accurate information, people get the required information according to the specific address or line. When designing, taking into account the convenience of people's viewing, it is required to make specific prompt information for font, color, time and target purposes.

3, rest places: design some benches, when people wait for a long time to wait for a long time or heavy loads, you can sit down in the bus shelter for a while. There is a awning design, there is a sunscreen and rainproof function when it is not rainy or the sun is shining.

4, lighting function: bus shelters should be designed for lighting at night, to pedestrian lighting, to facilitate people's night activities, but also to add a bright spot to the city's night scene, while at the same time dress up to beautify the city.

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