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by:YEROO     2019-11-03
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5-transfer to the Situation Room7pm ET on CNN. A million-
Virginia\'s dollar bus station has a county set up its own station for future bus plans.
CNN correspondent Rene Marsh reports.
Take a look at what we did at the enhanced bus stop in Lexington KY and don\'t have to be so expensive, they bring huge benefits to bus passengers and the community as a whole.
In Lexington, we have a project called \"dynamic art\" that has built 4 public arts for less than $150,000, including sculpture and art murals (
For all four shelters).
We plan to build another 5 through a portfolio of grant funds and private funds.
By working with our transport system, Lextran and other public and private organizations, we are able to do a lot of things with a relatively small amount of money.
Lextran\'s contribution to these \"art shelters\" is no more than its investment in prefabricated clusters --
The glass shelter, eventually made of high quality materials, will last for decades, is designed to be weather-friendly and combines the public art of local artists.
In fact, everything from design, architecture to signage for these shelters is done locally, which keeps us the money in the local economy.
An additional benefit: The Art Sanctuary project, which normally uses advertisements across the country to build transit shelters, found that the possibility of the sanctuary incorporating art being destroyed is much smaller, and therefore, savings from costs such as replacing glass.
Most people respect and appreciate public art, and advertising seems to attract graffiti artists.
While Lextran does have a smartphone app and has launched a program to test these displays, these sites do not have digital read-out displays like DC shelter.
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