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Small business series
Fixed on some trendy bedroom walls in China --
A conscious teenager is a new needle. up.
But the children in Beijing are not movie stars or fans, but decorate their rooms with Chrysler\'s advertising posters.
The posters are shown in the fashionable new bus shelters that have recently begun to appear in Beijing, and it turns out that it is a temptation for young people to remove them from glass panels and take them home as pop art.
At first, it was a problem for Arnold de Paris, president of the advertising company.
A Hong Kong company behind the bus
Shelter Sports
\"We don\'t know how to tell our customers . \"Deparis said.
\"But we posted notices in the sanctuary inviting people to collect copies from our Beijing office for free.
Now we distribute it every day.
\"China is getting richer and richer, which means advertising companies are rushing to make money in markets with only one quarter of the global population.
Asia Media & Marketing Department, SAIC & SAIC Advertising Co. , Ltd.
Total advertising spending is expected to exceed $13 billion in 1997, up from an estimated $8 billion and $4 this year.
1995 5 billion.
While some companies are waiting for TV time, advertising is turning the tedious road of big cities into a way of consumerism.
But it\'s not easy. It took Mr.
De Paris, who has worked with the French government in France and the Czech Republic on privatization projects, and his partner Du Jiang-Ping in Beijing
Born in France, a French citizen, for four years persuaded the Chinese authorities to supply and build elegant, brightly lit bus shelters on the main route, and to clean and maintain them.
Advertising now has the exclusive right to have 1,000 bus shelters in Tianjin, Beijing and Guangzhou.
Design from Made in China to Advertasia, every 70,000 Hong Kong-dollar ($9,052. 11)
Shelter all two to four light boxes.
Advertisers pay $130 a week for each light box and two light boxes must rent at least $50
According to Mr. de Paris, the week is the ideal length of time: \"The Week does not convey the message.
Anything about this and advertising is no longer noticed.
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The minimum expenditure of $13,000 guarantees an audience of 16 million commuters per week, bringing annual sales of Advertasia to $8 million.
The planned investment in the next three years is as high as $70 million.
The company shares profits with municipalities but does not disclose profits.
In China, 44% of the population goes to work, 11% walk, 20% take the bus, and the advertisement of strategic location attracts a large audience.
\"China is still an original advertising society,\" said Tess Cavin, media manager at Macon. Erickson (Hong Kong).
\"Manufacturers see their products on the street.
They don\'t believe the media will notice them.
\"Before the expansion of other parts of Asia, Advertasia plans to enter Shanghai and Wuhan.
Ten staff members worked in the Kowloon office and the company was established after obtaining a licence in 1996.
Supported by investment holding company Sopex International Ltd.
It is a French investment company owned by BNP Paribas. With China\'s 1.
Population 2 billion, Sir
\"We believe the bus shelters are the best way to get in touch with buyers,\" said Deparis.
\"A version of this article was published in the International Herald Tribune on July 29, 1996.
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