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China light box manufacturers: design points of outdoor advertising light boxes


I believe everyone should not be unfamiliar with the name of outdoor advertising light boxes. If you walk around the street, you will find that the light boxes in the city cover more, especially in those public places, or more people flow Place, the light box is very important. Not only does it generate advertising benefits, but it also brings a view to the city and becomes the city ’s business card. So when designing outdoor advertising light boxes, what issues should be noted?

1. Note that the appearance must be beautiful

Because outdoor advertising light boxes are the items for advertising, light boxes have great value for advertising information promotion, which can let people see more intuitive effects, so in order to make people's vision more bright, we must pay attention to outdoor advertising The appearance design of the light box should have the overall aesthetics with the surrounding environment.


2. The color design should not be too exaggerated

There are designers who make the advertising light box very conspicuous, so they will design the color of the advertising light barrel to be exaggerated, but the effect is often the opposite. If the color is too exaggerated, then pedestrians will not pay attention For such a trash can, it will only make them feel disgusted. If the color of the light box cannot be integrated with the surrounding environment, then try to choose a more appropriate color.

3. Space requirements

Although the function of the advertising light box is very large, it can not only exert its powerful convenience during use, but also allow the advertising to attract the eyes of pedestrians, retain their footsteps, and convey the information of the advertisement to them.

When designing outdoor advertising light boxes, we must think comprehensively, not only to ensure that information is digested by people, but also that there is a lot of space for garbage. This is a perfect design. I believe that in our future daily life, more and more people will use advertising light boxes, and will also find its intentional effect.

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