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China outdoor billboard manufacturers: key points for outdoor billboard construction


Before outdoor billboards, we must first estimate the effect of the billboards after standing up, so as to make a rendering. Judge that the selected construction is suitable for standing on a single column card. The wide outdoor single column ensures full use of the location. The location of the location media must be large, such as intersections, carousels, plazas of large shopping centers, industrial parks, and real estate. Outdoor single-post billboards generally have a height of 18 meters, and are far-sighted in all publicity media. The location must be densely trafficked, such as urban entrances, near toll gates, national highways, and highways. Since the construction requires access to large vehicles, the site must be spacious enough, and the road surface must have sufficient hardness and bearing capacity.

Outdoor billboard production assembly and assembly process

(1) The flat tires of the assembly platform and the assembly platform are leveled and fixed to ensure the degree of assembly of the components.

(2) The geometric dimensions are strictly controlled according to the construction drawings. The work line of the structure and the center of gravity line (or bolt center line) of the members should be as close as possible, and the center of gravity of each member that meets at the node should intersect at the center of the node.

(3) When assembling the welded structure, it is required to fix it with thread clamps and kalan, and then spot weld. The spot welding part should be within the welding seam part. The thickness of the spot welding seam should generally not exceed 2/3 of the thickness of the designed weld seam.


The general steel used for outdoor billboard production is channel steel, angle steel, spiral pipe, welded pipe, etc. Steel specifications will change according to the warranty period and the requirements of wind and earthquake resistance. In the open air, these steels are easily oxidized to cause corrosion due to factors such as temperature, humidity, and harmfulness. Severe corrosion can make the steel member's ability to withstand loads greatly; rigid materials have good toughness, but in the long-term Under load or low temperature, rigid materials are also susceptible to catalysis and fracture; coupled with the design and construction of outdoor billboards, they are partially or even defective; or due to loose bolts, overloads, external impacts, etc. in use and modification Unbalance; In addition, the use of inferior steel to build the main structure of the outdoor brand; The common problem is the "open welding" of the head of the single column should pay attention to the following points: strict selection of materials. When choosing steel, strict quality inspection should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawings, and the thickness and weight should meet the requirements of the drawings. Choose the national standard steel, use source procurement, the cost is guaranteed. Paint anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Before the steel is made into accessories, it should be thoroughly derusted, polished, polished, and then painted with anti-rust paint. Usually twice.

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