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Chinese bus shelter manufacturers: bus shelter light box size, to create the perfect light box advertising effect


Nowadays, both big cities and small towns have set up bus shelters, which not only provide a safe waiting place for waiting passengers, but also illuminate the way home for pedestrians in the dark night. So lighting naturally needs a shelter light box, and what is the size of the shelter light box?

The size of the light box is actually large and small. Everyone should know that the light box is not only to illuminate the road at night, but also to illuminate the advertising picture in the advertising light box. The advertising effect and decorative effect of the shelter can be good or bad. Said mainly depends on the lighting situation of the light box.

1. Large size light box design

The size of the shelter corresponding to the large-size light box design should also be very large, especially in large cities or downtowns with dense traffic, large-size light boxes will be matched, so that large-size corporate brand promotional pages can be matched, and The surrounding streets can be illuminated more brightly, which is conducive to safe driving of vehicles and safe walking of pedestrians. At present, most cities have selected electronic scrolling screen advertisements. Such electronic scrolling screens also require a certain size of light box to cooperate. It can be customized from professional shelter manufacturers, 50 inches, 40 inches, etc. There is no problem at all.


2. Medium size light box design

Medium-sized light box design is generally matched with medium-sized shelters, because the size of medium-sized shelters can only be matched with medium-sized light boxes. If it is matched with large-sized light boxes, it will definitely not fit, even if it can be put down, it will make light boxes. The special attention has made the company's advertising page a foil, and then lost the original intention of corporate advertising, so the medium-sized light box design must highlight the role of publicity.

3. Small size light box design

The small-size light box design is actually more widely used. After all, there are some small sites in the city, and small sites have sparse traffic, so there is no need to set up large-size light boxes to waste electricity. Although the small-sized light box design says that the lighting is not so large, it is enough for passengers to see clearly the route and route information of the bus, and can also clearly see the corporate brand promotion, etc., economical and practical.

The size of the above-mentioned shelter light box is not specified. This is because the shelters of different cities are different. Therefore, the size of the light box of the shelter is also different, so buy ready-made ones on the market. It is not suitable. The better way is to find a professional manufacturer of shelters to customize the size of the exclusive light box, so that the light box of the shelter can play a perfect light box effect.

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