chinese bus-ted in richmond: now english language also required at city bus shelters, on benches

by:YEROO     2019-09-30
At Richmond, English is now an essential bus stop advertisement.
The city council recently signed a contract with Paterson Outdoor Co. , Ltd.
It is stipulated that any foreign language advertisement on bus shelters and benches must have at least 50 cents in English.
\"There seems to be a reason to look forward to it, because we want people to post signs in English at their businesses, and we also want to post them at our bus stop, says Malcolm Brodi, mayor of the city of Oman. The new 20-
The annual contract, which came into effect this month, is the latest development of a city\'s ongoing signage problem, with half of its residents seeing the city as a Chinese.
The new request came more than a year after the City Council abandoned a charter that stipulated English learning.
The language logo for shops and businesses to support education and outreach is partly due to concerns about the charter of rights challenges.
Language Management at bus stops seems to be facing obstacles.
\"In this case, because the bus shelter is located on the property of the city and there is a contractual arrangement, we have a higher level of control,\" said city spokesman Ted Townsend . \".
He said that the city had in the past expressed a preference for at least 50 English on bus station advertising, but when the contract expired last year, the Council asked the staff to formally request in its request --for-proposal. Chinese-
Townsend said the signs of only bus stops are not a common problem, with only three or four cases in the past two years.
On January, outside Richmond City Hall, a Chinese-based Budweiser advertisement was removed from Parliament member Xia Ke\'s concerns. Some Chinese-
Only advertisements for bus and Canadian line stations sparked outrage, but TransLink said it had no right to reject advertisements for buses and transit stations in accordance with language.
TransLink spokesman chris Bryan said in an email: \"We do not have any logo legislation that requires the province or municipality to enforce the logo in Canada using either of our two official languagesmail.
\"If people want to advertise, we will accept it as long as it meets our own advertising guidelines.
\"This fall, the city of Richmond is expected to consider a new finishing rule for visual confusion such as posters, banners, windows or advertisements on the building\'s façade, regardless of language.
Richmond resident Kerry Starchuk, who wants all of the city\'s commercial and commercial signs to include either English or French, said the new regulations are a step in the right direction but with limited scope.
She said: \"We have a long way to go to say that this is not a problem . . . . . . But there are a lot of things that are not solved . \". Chinese-
There are only mail signs on the bus
In brochures and brochures, and real-
Starchuk said signs of real estate development remained unregulated and he called on the federal government to introduce a \"language policy\" where provincial and municipal governments \"deal with the issue between the official language and all native languages in Canada.
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