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Chinese bus shelter manufacturers: bus shelter prices


The bus makes people more convenient to go out. It can be said that whether it is in the countryside or the city, it is more and more convenient to travel to work and school by car. Attentive people will find that there are bus shelters at every bus stop. The price of bus shelters should be a concern for everyone. Chinese bus shelter manufacturers talk to you about the price of bus shelters.


The prices of bus shelters are affected by these factors

1. The price of the bus shelter will be very different due to different raw materials

For example, some use stainless steel, or choose galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, tempered glass, and plexiglass. Generally, manufacturers will choose these materials to make bus station shelters. Due to the different materials selected, the quality is also very different, and the same cost-effectiveness will also be different, which will directly affect the price. It is recommended that users can choose more cost-effective products according to their own conditions and needs.

2. Functions and specifications of bus shelters, sizes

Different functions and different sizes will also affect the price of bus shelters. Those with more complete functions and larger sizes will also have higher prices.

3. The style of the bus shelter is also directly related to the price difference

The price of bus shelters that are relatively novel and unique in style and can become the highlight of the city will also be higher.

Bus shelter price, how much is the shelter? Because of the different factors of raw materials, functional specifications, style and styling factors of the waiting station platform, the price is different, generally around 2,000 US dollars, generally speaking, the price is not expensive.

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