chinese signs in west vancouver criticized

by:YEROO     2019-10-14
A group that previously criticized B. Chinese advertisingC.
The goal now is to mark the bus shelters in West Vancouver.
North Shore News reported that Brad Saltzberg, the first representative to put Canada in the first place, complained to the municipal council about signs not available in Canada\'s official language.
Advertisements for real estate agencies, financial planning and food include English, but also Chinese.
He told the newspaper that it undermined \"traditional Canadian English and French identity \".
West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith says he has no problem with advertising in any language.
This spring, sartzberg also disagreed with the Chinese and English advertising signs that greeted newcomers at Vancouver International Airport.
\"Not some of the signs of our country --
Our Flag, photos of Whistler, photos of the mounted police
\"We are welcomed by Chinese,\" he told the South China Morning Post . \".
This does not reflect the culture and history of Canada.
According to Facebook\'s page that puts Canada first, the group wants to attract \"reasonable, good
Well-meaning Canadians, in the name of globalization, multicultural and unreasonable migration, help protect our country from the power to erode our identity.
\"The group would like to see B. C.
According to the South China Morning Post, a language law similar to Quebec\'s Act No. 101, which states that most of the signs are French.
Richmond, a suburb of the airport, is the focus of the Chinese signage debate.
More than 200,000 of the city\'s residents are immigrants, the highest proportion of immigrants in Canadian cities.
After being pressured by Richmond resident Kerry Starchuk, a bus shelter advertisement for a social service agency was canceled.
Chinese advertising is a support project for Chinese people.
People who say gambling addiction
Starchuk lobbied the City Council last year to consider a policy that limits the number of Chinese displays on the business logo, but failed.
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