chow ads target tory\'s transit plan

by:YEROO     2019-10-02
If you believe in John Tory\'s smart track, you may also believe in unicorns, says Olivia Chow.
The message is the focus of a group of stinging new ads that will begin to appear on Monday at 135 bus stops across the city.
In the first of a series of advertisements exclusively provided to the Toronto Sun on Wednesday, Zhou\'s team evokes the image of the mysterious creature, taking a photo at the center of the Conservative campaign.
The Magic move comes as Stephen Chow continues to fall sharply behind the Conservative Party in polls.
In another ad, a photo of a bus filled in a question on the poster, \"Did you see John Tolley on the bus? \"Print in bold.
\"No, you don\'t,\" said the following text.
Another ad advertised Zhou\'s fancy footwork.
\"She has the best dance moves,\" the poster says . \".
\"She also has the best transportation plan if it doesn\'t make you win. ”In an e-
John Laschinger, Stephen Chow\'s campaign director, said in an email to supporters that advertising helped point out that the Conservative Party did not want to invest in buses.
\"Maybe he\'s never actually been on the TTC bus, except for a photo-taking event,\" said ruskingg . \".
\"But try to tell the thousands of torotonians who rely on buses every day that no more buses are needed to reduce commuting time to work or to school. ”The e-
Mail also asked supporters to help with ad blitz by donating.
The one-week display fee for each bus shelter is approximately $150.
The Conservative campaign confirmed that their candidates occasionally took the bus.
\"John used to ride TTC, and he was on the Bay bus a few days ago,\" said spokeswoman Amanda Galbraith . \".
This is no longer the first time the Stephen Chow campaign has tried to create ideas in an attempt to undermine the Conservative Party\'s Smart Track plan.
Earlier this week, Zhou took out a napkin during the ArtsVote debate in an attempt to write her Tory plan on the back of the napkin.
For months, Stephen Chow has struggled to raise TTC bus services by $15 million.
She is the only leader in canceling the Scarborough Metro expansion.
If elected, she promised to abandon the project and restore the Scarborough light rail line.
She promised to continue to advance the rescue line in the city center while continuing the existing LRT project planned for Finch and Sheppard.
Galbraith said Zhou proposed to increase buses and drivers that TTC does not currently have.
The equipment will have to be stored in a garage of buses that have not been built for many years.
Tolli\'s smart track, she says, is the only transportation plan to move the city.
\"Olivia\'s dance moves may be better, but John will take you to the dance class faster,\" Galbraith said . \".
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