city bus driver takes in young child wandering streets in the middle of the night

by:YEROO     2019-09-01
A city bus driver in Milwaukee was hailed as a hero as she saved a child wandering the street in light clothes and socks in the middle of the night.
The driver of the Milwaukee County transportation system, Dennis Wilson, took a break during a shift in the early hours of January.
When she met 5-year-old boy.
\"It\'s after midnight, so I thought, did I really see what I saw?
She told ABC membersTV.
\"Where did he come from and where did he come from.
I just happened to have a look and heard him crying.
\"The dog was hailed as a hero after he rescued his family from a house fire in Philadelphia. Surveillance video on the bus showed Wilson taking the little boy on the bus and walking out of the cold. WISN-
The TV said the height was 31 degrees that morning.
Low, 22 degrees. \"You OK?
She was heard asking him. \"Still cold?
Or is it a little cold?
Wilson said: \"While they were waiting for the police to come, she gave the child her jacket and something to eat.
Milwaukee police said the child had been reunited with his family and identified him as \"leaving the house in error \".
Wilson said she did not consider her actions to be heroic.
\"I\'m glad I stopped.
You know, I always say that God sometimes puts us where he needs us. \"She said.
\"I don\'t think it\'s a hero --
Just to help.
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