city bus shelter tycoon in corruption scandal.

by:YEROO     2019-11-17
A millionaire businessman recently won a contract to provide Glasgow with a £ 50 million bus shelter and was found guilty of participating in a corruption scandal.
Jean Claude Deco provides local authorities across Scotland with the latest public toilets and bus stops.
His company JC Decaux recently controlled the contract to provide an arch shelter to Glasgow
Bittersweet rival Adshel
Adshel\'s bosses appealed the decision to the Edinburgh court and were rejected.
But after the company\'s owners and chairman allegedly colluded with a corrupt politician, they are now found guilty in the afrbench court.
In the absence of an invitation to other bids, the school\'s contract was distributed to a company in Dex.
According to French law, Deco favx-
Suspended and fined £ 10,000.
He plans to appeal the conviction.
This is the second time that Deco has faced court anger in recent years.
In 1992, he was convicted of illegally contributing thousands of pounds.
Election costs for major Liege in Belgium.
He was sentenced to one year in prison but suspended.
JC Decaux plans to install 600 bus shelters in Glasgow and claims the deal will earn around £ 3.
The city\'s advertising revenue is 3 million a year.
The Parliament of the United States of America said they were not aware of the Denx conviction and insisted it would not affect their contract with the Denx company.
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