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by:YEROO     2019-09-19
Chennai: it\'s raining to turn corner and commuters are worried because there are very few bus stops in the city with shelters.
\"While waiting for the bus to block the sun or prevent it from being soaked when it rains, it\'s better to have an umbrella in your hand,\" said Adyar commuter V Daisy . \".
Commuters at Chetpet bus stop must seek shelter at nearby shops in order to remain dry.
\"We do not require modern bus shelters with GPS digital boards.
We just wanted a roof that kept us dry when it was raining, \"said Manikandan, who often took the bus from Harrington Road.
The shelter was also damaged at the central station, with a large number of commuters waiting on the side of the road.
\"The presence of parked cars and vendors further reduces our space,\" said Narayanan, 66 . \".
\"The route number of the bus has disappeared from the shelter, covered with advertisements,\" he said . \".
There is no roof at Nandan South Bus Station.
\"Yes, there is a bus shelter, but there are only metal rods left on the roof,\" said a commuter . \".
The company plans to modernize the bus station and create seating facilities
But most of the existing shelters don\'t even have a roof.
Most of them-
The public GPS digital board does not work.
A company official said there were 741 bus shelters in the city.
A total of 99 shelters were installed on a building. operate-and-transfer basis.
Of the remaining 642 bus shelters, only 379 received tenders.
He said the contractor was not interested in installing Tondiarpet, Basin Bridge, pulianthoppe and Nungambakam in places such as bus stations 263.
One official said the remaining tender would float again.
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