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Classification of bus shelters


Bus shelters as municipal public facilities products are faced by groups different from the general consumers. Manufacturers of public bus shelter facilities: bus shelter manufacturing, bus shelter materials, shelter structure size, bus shelter purchaser decision The process tends to be longer and more complex, the price of the bus shelter, and the design and production process of the bus shelter on the bus stop.

The type of conventional bus shelter (by material):

1. Carbon steel spraying bus shelter

2, stainless steel bus shelter

3, aluminum alloy structure bus shelter

YEROO-Classification of bus shelters

The structure of the bus shelter:

The bus shelter is divided into three major structures: the ceiling, the column, and the light box. The light box can be regarded as a standard part in the combination of different styles. Any style is inseparable from the shelter light box.

1, shelter roof: glass ceiling, color steel ceiling, pc endurance board ceiling, stainless steel ceiling, sun panel ceiling, tension film, art ceiling.

2. Waiting station column: color steel column, aluminum profile column, stainless steel column, special-shaped column.

3, shelter booth light box

(1), shelter body liner: material is galvanized sheet spraying (thickness 1.5mm), internal lamp tube holder, 40W Philips tube (21 or 7), power cord (2.5 square mm), tube Line (0.5 square mm), ballast (11 or 4, brand: Sanxiong Aurora, one for two), air switch (or leakage switch), time control switch, special lock for light box, rolling device

(2) Bus shelter canvas frame: pc milk white film outsourcing carbon steel spray frame, canvas clip (drawing light box without canvas frame)

(3) Frame: material is galvanized sheet spray or stainless steel, equipped with 8mm and 6mm tempered glass or 4.5mm pc transparent board, 50mm black gradient strip, D-type waterproof sealing strip, sponge strip, hydraulic strut.

4. Waiting parts of the bus shelter: 10*430*430mm steel plate, M16*500mm anchor bolt.

The simple classification of bus shelters is as follows. Of course, when designing the bus shelter, you need to consider the actual situation of the project site, and the culture of the city, to design a suitable bus shelter for the actual situation. It is convenient for citizens to take the bus.

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