\"co-branding\" paris bus shelters with ludo

by:YEROO     2019-11-23
How much is Dior Deere in the window?
Ludo, \"BioDildo \"(Photo © Ludo)
Who decides what information and images to display in public?
When it comes to advertising, images, and graphics, the \"community standard\" should be followed, meaning that some form of body is based on a common understanding of a collective point of view, making judgments about the value of images or information.
Normally, unless a small group of people in the community make a strong protest, the criteria are just guidelines against attracting attention and sharing a small number of ideas.
\"Apple spy\" Ludo (Photo © Ludo)
With the development of these standards, the broad line that advertisers can use to sell products is also expanding, whether in stickers, billboards, murals or highgloss kiosk.
French street artist Lu said: \"As long as your brand or logo is there to verify that it is another normal commercial advertisement, you can almost put a dildo on The Billboard ,\", he combines his art with the well-known brands of Paris bus shelters.
Ludo, \"extra sweetness \"(Photo © Ludo)
In fact, Ludo likes to play with ideas and fair criticism under the taste and rashness of the blas é consumer.
As a relative newcomer to street art, Ludo quickly established a clear and detailed sci-fi identity that he likes to call \"natural revenge.
Fusion of insects, plants and creepy heights
Technical or brutal destruction tools, Ludo reliably activates your left brain, confusion, and poke while soothing your right brain.
Apple\'s details are also monitoring people waiting for the bus.
Ludo [Apple spy ](Photo © Ludo)
The latest series of Ludo is called \"co-
\"Brand\", seamless distribution of existing ads, which can be very beautiful and even ignored by temporary observers.
The works nicely mimic their inspiration and perform so cleanly in the context of the bus shelters that it is likely to be mistaken for true advertising.
In \"sustainable development\", the sphere of the two brands hangs from one limb. (Photo © Ludo)
He talked about one.
By paying attention to the advertisement of Chanel
Conceptual images appearing in typical ads
Final consumer goods.
\"Now some ads have too many super-American visuals, and only Carl Lagerfeld would love this kind of art style thing, which is too annoying for me, it makes me want to hijack my own work and name it another sport.
Interestingly, in fact, people see it as an advertisement because of the logo, but it is also disturbed by the image.
\"Living Leaves\" (Photo © Ludo)
Details of Ludo\'s dead leaves (Photo © Ludo)
Learn more about Ludo at the Brooklyn Street Arts Center.
See flashing street art photos and read insightful interviews on Brooklyn street art every day.
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