commuters demand bus shelter at collector nagar bus stop

by:YEROO     2019-11-14
For more than a year, due to the lack of bus stops in public facilities, commuters using Collector Nagar have had to wait in the open air.
A year ago, the rusty old bus shelter was demolished by municipal officials in Ward 91, Ambattur district, a company in daqinai, promising to provide a new bus shelter soon.
More than a year has passed, but commuters are still waiting for the promised new home.
\"Before getting on the bus stop, we had to avoid the wind in small shops and shade.
There is a bus shelter that is a basic right for commuters, but we are rejected, \"V.
Ramani is a resident of moghpani.
Bus Station is commonly known as bus station 7 h (
7 H between mogap pair and Broadway).
Most of the buses of the two bus stations on both sides of the Mogap pair East and West, especially those that go to Broadway through Anna Nagar yuatana and Chintamanihalt at the bus stop.
After the nearby terminal, the bus station was greatly visited.
Commuters also take a bus from the bus stop to key locations in the neighboring area, such as Tirumangalam, Anna Nagar, Padi, Aminjikarai and
Commuters say new bus shelters have been installed at other key bus stations, including the Tirumangalam bus in front of tangado substation located on the main road of anbatu industrial real estate
However, despite the large number of passengers at the 7 h bus station, the facility lacks bus shelters.
Nearby commuters and social activists have made multiple negotiations with MTC and the company, but this is still the case.
MTC officials say the responsibility for installing the new bus shelters lies with local municipal officials.
They said they (MTC)
Other facilities such as bus line information and bus schedule can be provided at the bus station.
For their part, company officials said there was no allocation of funds for the installation of a new bus shelter at the bus stop.
\"Once the fund is approved by our superiors --
Ups, we will install a new bus stop at the bus stop.
On average, the cost of bus shelters is around Rs.
A company official said.
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