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Composition of outdoor light boxes


The outdoor light box is an effective carrier for brand or product promotion in recent years, in line with the development of the economic market. The light box products combine the advantages of neon lights, and can flash uninterrupted during the day and night, bringing people's visual attention in a dynamic and static way.

With the in-depth promotion of the molded light box and the increasing competition in the market and the continuous emergence of new materials, the process of forming the light box will be continuously improved, and the expressive power will be continuously enriched. We have reason to believe that China's light boxes will show more beautiful qualities in more space!

YEROO-Composition of outdoor light boxes

In general, the structure of the light box has three main parts:

1. Frame and mask: The main components of the large light box are steel and plastic structure. The base and the frame are welded by steel or stainless steel structure. The pattern cover is made of glass plate, plexiglass plate and light box cloth. The main components of the small door, rod and hanging light box are steel or injection frame, and the pattern cover is mostly made of glass, plexiglass or transparent plastic plate.

2. Pattern printing carrier: According to its structure and manufacturing process, the printing carrier of the light box can be made of synthetic paper, inkjet film, self-adhesive backing film, light box canvas and the like.

3. Auxiliary light facilities: The auxiliary light of the light box (commonly known as lighting) is designed according to the structure of the pattern picture, the printing material, the thickness of the printing ink layer and the pattern surface, and the picture quality, uniformity and softness are high.

The color printed by the light box pattern is better than the graphics and the manuscript in visual communication. Whether the elements can truly reproduce the intention of the advertising designer and the best effect of visual communication is realized by various printing methods. The color pattern reproduction principle of the light box is based on tone reproduction. In order to meet the requirements of the printing process, in the past, screens and photographic screens were used. Nowadays, the method of electronic color separation and screening is adopted, and the image of the continuous tone original is decomposed into a mosaic shape, which is indistinguishable by the human eye. , pixel pixel points of different density levels, achieve a continuous adjustment visual effect in the observation distance. Regardless of the printing process used, the layering and sharpness of the original should be reproduced as efficiently as possible on the printed matter. Copying a line original is not very difficult, and copying a tone original is much more difficult.


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