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Considerations in the design of bus shelters


What factors need to be considered when designing a bus shelter? Customer friends, do you know? The technical staff of the shelter manufacturer will explain to you below, I hope it can be helpful to you.

1. The choice of design style

In terms of design style, almost every city is different, because the shelter needs to match the city image and local characteristics. The most intuitive thing is that in some ancient cities, such as Pingyao Ancient Town, Lijiang and other ancient cities, their shelters are generally designed with antiques, and the bus stations with a sense of modernity are shaped into buildings with a sense of history. Such a design will integrate the antique bus shelter with the image of the city, without the slightest sense of disobedience, and at the same time can bring convenience to the city. Compared with the antique design, the bus shelter with a sense of the times is more suitable for some fast-paced, economically developed cities.


2. Whether to integrate smart elements

The "smart" referred to here mainly refers to whether solar power supply or smart hardware is added. The world's energy shortage has always been a problem that plagues most countries. How to use energy rationally is also a major issue for every city manager. The introduction of solar power in modern bus shelters has effectively alleviated the power shortage in some cities. Through solar power supply, the solar energy during the day can be converted into electric energy required by the smart devices of the shelter without any pollution. The rise of artificial intelligence has allowed many countries and large companies to invest huge sums of money to develop the smart industry. The new type of shelters will follow this trend in a timely manner and integrate some smart hardware and software into the shelter design, making shelters full of technology.

3. Is the function complete?

Currently, the bus shelters I can see are very different from the previous bus stops, which is mainly reflected in their functions. Traditional bus stops can only provide the most basic functions such as sheltering from the wind and rain, but today's bus shelters can retain the original functions and add many modern functions such as vehicle route display, LED screens, charging, and advertising. Each city will tailor it to the actual needs of the local area when designing the shelter. For example, in some small and medium cities, the charging function may be ignored, while in some large and medium cities, mobile phone charging has become a necessary function. In addition, the functions of bus shelters are constantly expanding. For example, high-tech functions such as telephone equipment and wireless TV will gradually be used.

The above is all about the factors that need to be considered when designing the bus shelter. If there is anything you don’t know, you can directly communicate with our customer service, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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