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Construction of smart bus shelter


As the city's public transportation becomes more and more developed, the smart bus shelter is an indispensable part of our city life. The beautiful smart bus stop constitutes the beautiful scenery of the city.

The smart bus shelter is generally matched with the bus stop sign. In order to facilitate the bus passengers to wait for the sun, rain, etc., the traffic facilities built on the station, the roadside or the harbor-type bus stop of the green belt.

YEROO-Construction of smart bus shelter

The general bus stop is mainly composed of pillars, ceilings and partitions. It is also used to replace the partitions with advertising light boxes. In addition, there are also some specially designed shelters, usually with a holistic design (such as the ceiling and the column is a whole), the components usually need to be factory-customized. Made of galvanized steel, it is painted with paint, and it is also sprayed with Buddha carbon. Stainless steel plates or galvanized sheets are the main materials for the bus shelters, but also aluminum profiles, but they are rare. Other main materials are PC endurance boards, which are used on both sides of the light box, which is the transparent board outside the advertising screen; aluminum-plastic board, used under the ceiling, is the part that is looked up; galvanized board is generally used in the ceiling The main frame above and the light box.

After continuous development and improvement, the smart bus shelters have been made from stainless steel materials and developed into galvanized steel pipes, galvanized plates, etc., or factory-made mass production, while smart bus shelters are slightly more complicated. Some, it needs more smart equipment to ensure that it can serve the general public, including LED display, LCD, intelligent reporting system, real-time GPS positioning system, intelligent electronic station, heat sink, time control switch, etc. A range of equipment. The new smart bus shelter needs to be integrated with the current technology, and the people can accept and be guided how to use these smart devices correctly to make their lives easier.

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