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by:YEROO     2019-08-22
How do you promote horror movies without terror?
Controversial posters promoting the upcoming captive Lions Gate were quickly removed from billboards in Los Angeles and New York after the public became angry about the abusive nature of these ads, the character of Elisha Cuthbert is depicted as kidnapped, tortured and killed.
After Dark Films, dealers and their production partners decided to dismantle more than 30 billboards inside and outside Los AngelesA.
After receiving a series of complaints from callers, especially women and upset parents, about 1,400 large apple taxi tops were removed, opposing the hype of R-they thought it was four horrible and unpaid Pictures-
Rated Roland Joffy-
A film released on May 18.
In the first group called \"kidnapping\", the blonde looked dazed and her mouth was covered by a hand wearing black gloves;
The second group \"imprisonment\" shows the role of being imprisoned behind the chain --
The fence, a rough thumb poking in;
The third is \"torture\", where the female victim\'s back hides her face, and the white plaster and red tubes stretch out of her nose;
And the fourth group, \"terminate\", depicts a soft body hanging on the table, which means she was murdered.
Lion Gate spokesman Peter Wilks said that the studio neither knew the content of the advertisement nor approved the advertisement, noting that the publicity campaign for captive was independently supervised after dark.
\"The film was done with the post-dark film.
\"The nature of the association allows ownership of their marketing materials after dark, so we neither see nor approve the billboard,\" Wilks said in a statement . \".
\"Once we know about the materials and the response to them, we ask for the removal of the billboard immediately after dark and they cooperate to respond immediately.
As of today, all the billboards have been arranged.
\"The Lion Gate representative reported on March that he had received the first call on the advertisement.
The billboard has disappeared two days later.
After cynical fans thought it was all about promoting their latest film product, presumably after dark executives claimed they knew nothing about advertising, they attended the annual exhibitor fair in Las Vegas last week.
Courtney Solomon, the CEO of \"After Dark\", told Hollywood reporters that his company had never intended to put the horrible promo on, saying that the wrong design had been sent to the printer.
The printing company then forwarded them to those billboards who distributed the signs without his consent.
\"Personally, I am not going to run this campaign.
I thought it was [OTP]over the top]
Solomon said that he noted that the Lions Gate had no plans to see the billboards because they were not the designs that he thought would be used.
\"Things like this will never happen again.
\"In the company\'s defense, Solomon tried to argue that the controversial images of hyped captivity were not exactly the moment to describe the film.
\"The film is certainly a horror film, it\'s about kidnapping, but it\'s also about women\'s empowerment,\" he said . \".
\"We re-shoot the ending, so the protagonist will end up in a positive state with as many situations as possible.
There is no rape or nudity in it, though it should be an R-rated movie.
For the audience, this is to satisfy the audience.
I\'m sure the audience complaining about the billboard is not the same person.
\"He may be right.
Although \"after dark\" and \"Lion Gate\" are clearly targeted at the same group of movie audiences, they have made the \"Saw\" series so hit (
By the way, see II has also sparked controversy over movie posters that broke two fingers a few years ago)
Not all people who see captive ads are targeted.
The Los Angeles Times made it clear in a story aired on Sunday that it interviewed several children who were shocked by the terrible torture descriptions that happened to be seen on their way home from school last week.
\"What a nasty graphic billboard,\" 13-year-
Old Sally Laurent told the newspaper, and her 11-year-
Sister Rachel agreed with their friends.
Some adults also don\'t like the captive audience.
\"Being forced to see [is] an abuse for any womanat the ads]
\"While driving in the city,\" actress and comedian Lora Cain noted . \".
Kane notes that the way the billboard panels are gradually laid out in four panels is as if telling a story is particularly unpleasant.
\"The message is, that\'s what you do to women.
\"You kidnapped them, you restricted them, you tortured them, you killed them,\" she added . \".
Whether Lions Gate will face any consequences of their campaign after dark remains an open question.
Neithercompany is a signatory to the American Film Association, the industry-recognized parent company
Led group to create film rating system.
However, if Lions want to perform well at the box office after dark, they have to submit the film for a rating (
Most cinemas usually refuse to book movies that are not graded)
As well as the accompanying promotional materials for approval by the MPAA advertising administration.
An American film Association official did not respond to calls seeking comment.
However, a source close to the group told Hollywood reporters that the MPAA did not approve the four items. panel concepts.
Therefore, MPAA may reject the rating of imprisonment as a punishment for Billboard Blau haha.
However, Solomon noted that his company was already losing money due to having to delete the ad.
He also said the American Film Association has approved a tone
The downward version of The Captive \"imprisonment\" panel set up for the bus shelter, after dark, plans to carry out damage control and ensure that they comply with all the necessary guidelines.
\"We are doing our best to work with them,\" the executive told the industry . \".
\"We intend to become signatories.
We want to do things according to the rules.
\"It\'s worth noting that Solomon\'s clothing recently deprived him of the North American distribution rights to commit suicide --
The theme comedy \"wrist knife\" tells the story of young people who made their debut at 2006 Sundance Film Festival commit suicide and eventually fall into purgatory.
Just last week, after dark, no one said it planned to pay attention again --
Grab the marketing campaign and this time show the character signs of various methods, including jumping the bridge, electric shock or hanging yourself.
It now seems that the campaign itself may suffer an untimely failure.
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