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by:YEROO     2019-08-14
Chennai: On Friday, the Chennai company council approved the revised design for metropolitan transport to build modern bus shelters in 500 locations throughout the city.
This also helps the Transport Agency to obtain a certificate of no objection and to obtain an advertising display from the district collection area.
Facilities such as clocks and coins
Vending machines, electric fans, reclinable bins and telephones are part of the modern bus shelters.
In September, civic groups opposed modernization because it did not have permission for a company or regional collection.
MTC allows contractors to display ads on their panels and build structures that may hinder pedestrian movement.
\"All shelters should be built in unity and done aesthetically.
The company had earlier told MTC to comply with the standards of its shelters and set up a pilot project on dulghabai de shmuhe Road.
\"With the approval of the Council, MTC will implement uniform design,\" Mayor M. subamanian told TOI . \".
180 square feet of shelters on corporate roads and 205 square feet of shelters on highways will allow advertising --
Maintain roads.
Earlier, in response to opposition leader Saeed P Ravi, he expressed serious displeasure at the poor performance of private water conservancy agency Neel Metal Fanalca, the mayor said, municipalities will even cancel contracts with the agency in one of the regions.
\"After taking legal means and using the necessary personnel and materials, we will close the contract,\" he said . \".
Friday\'s council meeting was held in particular, and government officials at the level of regulatory engineers from various service agencies were attacked for not taking public complaints seriously.
According to the Bulletin of the Corporate Council department, delegates from the disabled, the Slum Clearance Board, Metrowater, TNEB and BSNL attended the meeting on Friday.
State highways, fire and rescue departments will also be represented at the next session.
\"This initiative will help members to express their grievances and get the expected results,\" said Subramanian . \".
At least 70% of commercial transactions in the Council are always related to other institutions.
The council adopted 68 resolutions, including the upgrading of three sheds of Rs 80. 55 crore;
Introduction to night water conservancy in business district, bus terminal and congested areas;
Distribution of corporate land in 24 locations for civil supplies companies to operate food rations stores;
A new bridge connecting Indira Nagar\'s second largest road and Rajiv Gandhi Sarai across the Buckingham Canal;
Tax adjustments for hotels and accommodation.
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