corporation’s bus shelter project kicks up a controversy

by:YEROO     2019-11-24
The recent decision by Kochi Corporation to allow a private agency to build 12 bus shelters along Sahodaran Ayyappan Road triggered a storm and the opposition was determined to oppose it.
The proposal, which was listed as the last item on the supplementary agenda, was adopted at a meeting held on Monday and no one objected.
Later, however, members of the opposition felt that, if implemented, there could be significant economic losses to civic institutions, and the decision must therefore be challenged.
By order of the court, the private body entered into an agreement with the civic body to set up 40 bus shelters in 2011 to seek permission from the civic authorities, twelve such facilities were established on Sahodaran Ayyappan Road owned by Kochi Corporation.
The agency argued that it should be allowed to set up a shelter on Sahodaran Ayyappan Road because, due to a dispute between the company and the public works department, it could not set up 40 shelters earlier (PWD).
Persons with Disabilities then objected to the decision of civic institutions to allow shelter to be established there.
Private institutions have also recommended that it be allowed to run shelters for seven years.
It proposes that civic institutions will be held responsible for any losses that the company may suffer by delaying its decision. V. P.
Council LDF leader Chandra said that the representative of the Finance Committee would oppose the proposal when it was submitted for consideration.
The establishment of modern bus shelters may be a way to generate income for civic groups.
Sadly, it does not appear that the civil authorities are keen on using these resources.
Since the decision to initially allocate bus shelters was made about seven years ago, civic groups should re-
Instead of allowing the same agency to establish the facility, he said. Mr.
The proposal to allow the agency to operate the facility for seven years is contrary to the interests of civic groups, Chandra said.
The city needs facilities such as Wi-Fi and modern bus shelters with proper lighting.
He added that the shelter should be the ideal place to display advertising, which will earn considerable income for the body of citizens.
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