corrected-jcdecaux to cut investments in britain after brexit vote

by:YEROO     2019-10-06
Correct the second paragraph and remove the reference to the bus shelter contract, which was not reviewed after Brexit)
Paris, July 28 (Reuters)-
French outdoor advertising company JCDecaux plans to reduce its investment in the UK after the UK voted to leave the EU.
The chief executive said Thursday. The family-
Run company said on Thursday it will review the number of screens it installed in the UK after the Brexit referendum.
Jean-\"We have to make sure that our business is scale-up for the needs of our customers.
Charles Decaux told BFM commercial radio that he highlighted concerns about the expected slowdown in UK economic growth.
\"We will remain active in the UK, but a little less than there is no vote for Brexit,\" he added . \".
The company is currently working on a project to install 1,000 84 inch screens at the London bus stop in the main shopping district.
At the beginning of the third quarter, as part of the bus shelter project, JCDecaux had installed 200 screens instead of the 500 originally planned, as it turned out to be more than expected
\"Given the uncertainty about the impact of the Brexit decision on the UK economy and advertising revenue, we are reviewing the number of screens we are deploying until we are able to assess the economic situation and increase visibility, the company said in a results statement on Thursday.
Street furniture is JCDecaux\'s largest business with revenue of 22% in the first half of 2016.
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