Daily maintenance and attention points of single column Billboard

by:YEROO     2020-02-28
Single-column Billboard is a kind of outdoor advertising form, also known as Optimus Prime, advertising tower and anti-aircraft gun. It usually stands on both sides of the road, mostly on expressways. Generally, it is divided into two main cards: two-sided cards and three-sided cards. The upper structure of the single column billboard is mainly composed of the card surface and the column. Among them, the card surface structure is generally composed of steel frame welded by steel and surface iron sheet, and its function is to be the carrier of advertising. Its design requirements meet the requirements of structural strength, lightning protection, anti-corrosion, etc. Let's share with you the daily maintenance of single-column billboards. 1. Anti-corrosion maintenance of outdoor billboard structure should be carried out at least once a year. If corrosion, paint shedding, cracking and weathering are found, the substrate should be cleaned, derusted, repaired and repainted. 2. Component connection point (Welds, bolts and anchor bolts) Check at least once a year and repair and tighten the weld in time if cracks and loose joints are found. 3, the lighting, power supply, electrical control equipment should be regularly maintained to ensure the safety of electricity, to ensure that no leakage and no light phenomenon. The lighting should be done as soon as it is broken and repaired. Maintenance of single-column billboards in special seasons 1. Before the windy season, the structure of outdoor billboards should be inspected and maintained, the emphasis is on structural strength, stiffness, structural joints, connection welds, bolts and anchor bolts. 2. In the windy season, the connection firmness of outdoor billboards should be overhauled and reinforced, and the firmness, weathering and aging degree of the advertisement picture of the film structure should be overhauled and reinforced, the binding of steel rope should be firm and reliable. 3. Before the windy season and rainy season, lightning protection facilities and electrical safety insurance settings should be checked to ensure normal and safe use. The single-column Billboard needs to pay attention to the above daily maintenance work in practical application to ensure that there is no hidden danger of collapse.
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