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by:YEROO     2019-10-30
New Delhi: Plans to replace nearly 1,400 bus Q shelters in the capital with smooth statesof-the-
The art cover is not allowed to take off by private players, and the Indian government is planning to give the Ministry of Public Works (PWD)
The job, the source said.
According to sources in the transport sector, the Delhi government has focused its attention on PWD, designing and building 1,397 new modern bus Q across the city, including its external and rural areas
The decision to entrust PWD for the design and construction of the bus Q shelter may be made at the board meeting of Delhi Transport Infrastructure Development Co. , Ltd. (DTIDC)
An official said it was scheduled for Monday.
DTIDC, together with the Delhi government, announced a competition with a prize of Rs 2, choosing a new and modern design for the Q bus shelter in the capital.
The last mass use of modern designed bus Q shelters in Delhi was during 2010 Commonwealth Games.
Last year, as part of the competition, the Delhi government received several entries, five of which had to be selected for an award-winning design.
The competition is a comprehensive bid including project execution.
However, only one full bid was received and despite the fact that there was a wonderful match showing some very beautiful designs, we went back to square one, the official said.
According to sources, since private players did not come to build the bus Q shelters, the Delhi government decided to build them themselves and PWD was chosen as the executive.
According to the source, while PWD must come up with a new design, the theme behind the design must be balanced between simplicity, innovation and contextual responsiveness.
The government hopes there should be a cost to the new bus shelters.
In addition to its durability and ease of maintenance, its features, experience and appearance will not be affected.
The bus shelter should be-
Completely vandalism weather structure
Proof, the official said.
The new design of the bus Q Shelter is also expected to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists by incorporating elements of sidewalks and bike paths.
Bus shelters will also take into account existing trees and other street furniture and should not prevent passengers from watching the bus.
If relevant, the design will also include bins and street vendors.
However, the design should not create dead or unusable spaces on the sidewalk.
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