denley: public art has its place – if we do it correctly

by:YEROO     2019-11-09
It\'s easy to oppose the city\'s decision to spend $7.
Dress up art 3 million for 13 new light rail stations.
After all, as some citizen letters authors have pointed out, the roads of the city are collapsing.
Why can we spend our money on art? The simple answer is that we need to do more to beautify our daily life. drab city.
Whether the LRT art blowout will make a big contribution to this goal is controversial, but the intent is correct.
In addition to the interesting main federal buildings on the building, most of Ottawa\'s areas can be said to be practical.
In daily life, we value function rather than form.
Our highway sound barriers, major intersections, sidewalks, Boulevard, bus shelters and public spaces lack imagination, run down, or both.
Take the sound barrier of highway as an example.
In Ottawa, we usually choose a normal concrete wall, or, when we really want to get wild, we add a little texture, or even a window.
However, around the world, people are changing the shape and design of these ubiquitous obstacles, bending them and incorporating the architectural design directly into the concrete.
The obstacles in Phoenix, Arizona feature Aboriginal symbols, which are particularly striking.
In our city, the sidewalk itself is a bit extravagant, and it is perfectly OK to repair the concrete sidewalk with asphalt.
Elsewhere, people use designs and different materials to improve form and functionality.
Google \"\" to see what\'s going on.
Sometimes we do the right thing, but it\'s controversial.
When the national capital Council replaced its ancient skating sanctuary with an attractive new version of $750,000 each, there were predictable complaints about costs.
The shelters ended up with a major international design award and they looked great and functional.
Back to the light rail Art Center.
The first two things that people notice about the pictures released by the city are that most of the work doesn\'t seem to be attractive, and the price is usually between $300,000 and $500,000.
However, the value of art and the value of money are very subjective.
Until we see the full-size artwork in the background of the station, we can\'t evaluate the artwork fairly.
The station itself has more opportunities to combine with eye-catching design and practicality.
This beauty should be inherent in the design, not something you later add to an artwork.
As can be seen from the concept map, the Ottawa architect Ritchard Brisbin has achieved this result.
We will be sure soon.
The art of the station is complementary decoration, which helps to distinguish the difference between stations while reflecting some of the situation in Ottawa.
Even if it turns out to be uneven, it\'s worth trying.
Nevertheless, urban policies that promote art consumption do not always produce beneficial results.
The council\'s policy is that the cost of construction for new projects is used for art.
This has created $2 over the past five years.
Expenditure 7 million
Anything worth noting. The effect of the policy is small and low.
Works of art that affect the whole city, but only where there is new spending.
High is not allowed-
Impact pieces on the visible central site.
By contrast, Chicago\'s reflective Cloud Gate sculpture, commonly known as bean, is an international tourist attraction and a magnificent work of art. It cost $11. 5 million US.
We bought a $65,000 Ottawa sign.
At least better than giant rubber ducks.
When it comes to making our city more exciting, all we get is the price we pay.
The Los Angeles machine show cost $3.
Four people 5 millionday production.
You can buy quite a bit of asphalt with it, but the show is so spectacular that no one complains about the price.
The lesson is this: if we want to make our city more mundane, sometimes we need to do something amazing, even if it\'s a bit expensive.
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