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Design trend of intelligent bus shelters


With the continuous advancement of time and society, urban construction and people's needs are also constantly updated, living standards are constantly improving, and urban facilities and services are more convenient for people. The intelligent bus shelters are also incorporating the realities of life with a little bit of intelligence, bringing intelligent functions that are really useful. It is not only a waiting site for avoiding sun and rain, but also has more additional features that make the waiting process not boring. So what is the design trend of smart bus shelters?

First of all, the design of any bus shelter should not be separated from the concept of green environmental protection. Therefore, the design trend of smart bus shelters is based on green environmental protection. In the design process, the use of materials should be considered, and low-carbon and environmentally-friendly materials should be used. The light energy replaces the common lighting tube. While providing people with access, it is possible to exert a greater degree of construction of an environmentally friendly waiting station pavilion.

YEROO-Design trend of intelligent bus shelters

Intelligent bus station, the so-called intelligence is of course inseparable from intelligent functions. Intelligent functions are the product of the times in keeping with the basic functions of traditional bus shelters. It is an entity that uses network technology, numerical control technology, and information networking to the bus shelter. The use of intelligent functions must serve people and actually provide help and convenience for people. Instead of a display, a gimmick. Through the network, you can implement many functions that you can't imagine before, such as bus station system, automatic temperature recognition system, digital electronic screen, smart vending machine, etc. The use of high-tech technology allows the bus shelter to serve people more and more.

In addition, the intelligent bus shelter design is not only environmental protection and intelligence, its overall form is also the style, to be as beautiful as possible, simple, generous, and several, both is a good intelligent waiting car design trend.

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