Detailed explanation of steel structure construction of column Billboard

by:YEROO     2020-02-24
Column billboard, this kind of big billboard not only has a simple and generous appearance, can attract your attention well, but also can beautify the urban environment and help enterprises to better publicize and promote. The outdoor steel structure supporting the outdoor billboard industry is an important link, so how to better adapt the outdoor billboard steel structure to the use and operation of the product, three Billboard manufacturers need to come up with their own professional skills to complete an important part of it. Let's introduce the overall use and requirements of large steel structures for outdoor billboards: outdoor billboards can often withstand wind and rain, therefore, there are high requirements for steel structures. Let's take a look at them in detail. (1) Key material points of steel structure billboard in order to ensure the qualified rate of processing quality of large steel structure billboard, it is suggested to strictly inspect the steel structure from the aspects of material selection of steel structure, material composition and function of steel structure billboard, etc, then check the appearance of the Billboard steel structure. There are rust, cracks and other defects. (2) Matters needing attention in the installation and construction of outdoor billboard steel structure in the construction of Billboard steel structure, attention should be paid to protect the steel surface to avoid steel wear, especially the bearing part, which can no longer be welded and drilled. (3) Outdoor steel structure billboards should be checked and maintained regularly after use. When the outdoor steel structure billboard is officially put into use, the safety inspection of the steel structure of the Billboard should also be carried out frequently, and the damaged and deteriorated firmware should be replaced in time. If the deterioration or damage of the main components is more serious, reinforcement should be carried out in a timely manner. (4) Anti-rust measures of steel structure billboards in order to avoid oxidation and chemical reactions when steel and different metals are in contact in the air, and cause corrosion on the surface of steel structure materials of billboards, it can be completed in the construction of steel structure billboards, do a good job in the insulation treatment of the surface of the billboard structure. Common rust prevention methods include coating on the surface of steel or metal coating on the surface of steel structure of building billboards. If the structure of Optimus Prime billboard structure is made of various metal materials, each metal material surface should be insulated separately. In addition, when placing outdoor billboard materials, it is forbidden to face the groove of steel structure Billboard materials to one side to avoid corrosion of steel structure caused by excessive water. The safety of the use of the column Billboard to ensure that you must choose a qualified manufacturer for design and production, Foshan YEROO is looking forward to your consultation to understand!
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