Details of design of city bus shelter

by:YEROO     2020-02-22
There will be a shelter in the place where the bus stops, so that people can have a rest while waiting for the bus, and can also shelter from the wind and rain. However, the bus shelter is not designed casually. Many aspects should be considered, otherwise there will be problems. So what problems should be considered in designing bus shelters? 1. Length the length of the bus station shelter is shorter than the length of two buses parked at the same time. The length should not exceed the length of four buses. At the same time, it should not be set separately. 2. The size is generally determined according to the density of the crowd. In some places where the personnel are relatively dense, the length of the shelter can be appropriately increased. 3. Function when designing a bus shelter, the important thing is its basic function. No matter how the form of bus shelter changes, the only thing that remains unchanged is its function. In the design, we should give priority to humanization and facilitation, and it should be convenient for buses to stop and passengers to transfer and rest. We can play our role in a large scale and facilitate people's travel. 4. Bus stop sign is one of the essential functions of bus shelter. Reasonable bus stop signs can make people see the bus they need to take at a glance. To focus on the design of the stop sign, we should consider the color and size of the font on the stop sign, and let the stop sign show the number and direction of trains as much as possible. In addition, the stop sign also has a night lighting function to facilitate people to ride at night. 5. Rest area the design of the rest area of the bus platform shelter Booth is also critical. Seats are usually placed in the rest area, mainly to provide rest equipment for passengers and convenience for the elderly, children, pregnant women, etc. Therefore, we should learn to reasonably arrange the number and placement of seats so that people can make full use of these resources. 6. Lighting system in the bus station shelter, reasonable lighting design can make people clearly understand the road conditions and traffic times at night, and can provide a lot of convenience for people to drive at night, at the same time, it also improves the safety factor of riding and waiting for cars, and good lighting design can also make the city more beautiful. The content introduced above is that some aspects should be paid attention to in the design of bus shelter. From a long-term point of view, the design of the bus platform shelter is reasonable, not only convenient for people to use, but also can effectively extend its service life.
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