detroit puts brakes on bus-stop benches

by:YEROO     2019-11-02
After seeing an old woman forced to stand while waiting for the bus, Charles Molnar suddenly thought of an idea: how about placing park benches at the bus stop where seats are missing throughout the city?
But the idea became more creative.
With a sanding machine and wood recovered from the demolished house, Monar recruited several students from Detroit Enterprise College to help him create a bench that could hold half
A dozen riders, equipped with a shelf to store reading materials, help riders pass the time while they are waiting.
After several nails and planks, the first bench was placed at the Detroit bus station on Thursday afternoon.
But it may not be there too long.
Officials in Detroit\'s Transportation Department said the judge was not approved.
If it is attached to the bus stop, the bench will have to be removed.
\"This is ridiculous,\" said Molnar, 22 . \" He recently completed his junior year at Wayne State University, where he is an urban research student.
\"There won\'t be a bench there now.
Let them take it from the community.
A community that built that bench.
A community that puts their blood, sweat and tears into it.
All they wanted was a bench at the bus stop.
Angelica Jones, deputy director of DDOT, said the judge was not authorized, but the proposal for the project could trigger a dialogue.
\"There is an agreement going on, but our understanding is that it doesn\'t happen on this bench,\" she said.
DDOT does not know this (bench).
Initially, Mona and his friends decided to build
The person sitting at the bus stop.
The idea turned into providing benches at the station, making them strong and allowing more than one person to sit in their seats.
He read about the use of recycled wood from demolished houses and thought it would be a cheap way to get supplies for the project.
About a year ago, Molnar said he went to DDOT officials and even the mayor\'s office to see if he could place benches at the local station.
He said he received a blessing from DDOT, but he could not remember the name of the man and could not find his business card.
Students at Detroit Enterprise College spent some time at the Molnar workplace last weekend polishing, stripping and finishing the wood for the bench.
Students from other schools also participated in the labor.
8 th Enterprise College
This is a great experience, said Pingji and departure sellers.
\"It\'s really cool to see this change happen,\" he said of watching the wood form.
\"Also, it\'s great to know that we can make changes if we are united to help our community.
\"Many bus stops in Detroit have no seats, including many bus stops.
According to Jones, depending on the distance close to the edge of the street and whether there is space on adjacent sidewalks, there will be no benches or covered shelters at every bus stop in the city.
Charisse Brown, who is waiting at the shelter, says that seats are necessary when dealing with systems that are sometimes unreliable.
Brown said she has sometimes waited more than an hour for the bus she left from her job at the Ambassador care and rehabilitation center.
\"I was already hot and tired here before waiting for this thing,\" she said in a relaxed sanctuary.
\"They need to put benches all over the place. It\'s a mess.
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