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by:YEROO     2019-09-11
When I announced on 2004 that Mogens Smed, Geoff Gosling, and Barrie Loberg will be rolling out the DIRTT Environmental solution, I admit the strange name that thought it was a technology --
Drive manufacturers for custom interiors.
This time, however, it was a good job to prove that it was Calgary --
The headquarters company is now a $187 company. Million companies
Deputy general manager Smed
Goose and vice president of development
In 2005, Loberg, president of software development, opened their doors.
They have been in a similar business, but they want to start with products that provide more efficient space, lower real estate costs, lower energy costs and reduce pollution.
They succeeded in achieving the right wishes, thanks in large part to their 3-D ICE software.
DIRTT\'s own application creates an interactive environment in real time, using clear graphical communications to design, visualize, specify, price, manufacture, and deliver any product for modification.
I visited the factory last week and it was nice to meet Houston principal James O\'Neill
Architectural design company.
He was raving about Dieter and told me it was his fifth visit to the factory and he would not use any other interior manufacturers.
\"I can enjoy the design and let these people do it. ” he said.
\"This platform allows my people to express themselves and they don\'t need to waste simulations --
Ups and human error are eliminated.
\"O\'Neal works through the DIRTT distribution partner in Houston, one of 100 companies in Canada, the United States, the Middle East and India, providing customized interior designs manufactured at the DIRTT facility in Calgary, phoenix, Georgia and Kelowna, Savannah.
Their promotion brought some exciting sales to Calgary, including the provision of interior design --
Including more than 800 ICU beds
For hospitals in Riyadh, Mecca, Jeddah, Beirut and Dubai.
Its partners are currently bidding at two hospitals in Singapore.
Gosling is proud of the medical environment he and his team have designed.
In the process of building and reconfiguring, rating the most innovative products through healthcare design, it allows to provide patient comfort and efficiency to employees with minimal disruption, waste and noise.
The company has received more than 25 awards and has been noted in several publications, including an entire chapter of the resource revolution, which greatly proves that DIRTT has achieved and continues
Smed said the company is in its early stages of entering the residential market and is exploring ways to customize
The designed residence will allow people to live more comfortably in smaller spaces.
Inside the factory, the test room is being built by hand
Wood interlocking system;
Technology, eliminating any speculation in the process.
Dieter will soon open a green learning center in London. The centres —
Than the name selected in the showroom-
Designed to understand the needs of customers, rather than showing them what they want to sell.
They are built with eco-friendly sustainable components and building methods that are really green.
Any tour in Dieter 130,000-square-
The walking space in Calgary is clear, taking care of the staff is the key, and from the kitchen and dining room, everyone can enjoy the bus shelters it built outside the building, where there is not even a bench.
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